Secure and Compliant IT Disposal Services

Peace of Mind When Disposing of Your IT Equipment

Does your business have outdated or unwanted IT equipment, IT assets or other devices piling up?

At Restore Technology, we offer comprehensive IT disposal services with end to end asset tracking, compliant data destruction, complete with certificates of destruction, is the right service for you.

We offer laptop disposal, desktop disposal, server disposal and other IT equipment disposal to businesses. Designed to meet the unique needs of your business. We prioritise data security, environmental responsibility, and cost-effectiveness, ensuring a smooth and stress-free disposal process.

Restore Technology is a leading IT disposal provider in the UK, trusted by thousands of clients to process millions of assets annually
Nationwide Coverage:

With a network of processing sites across the UK, we offer convenient and efficient IT disposal services throughout the country.

Simple and Streamlined Process:

Our team handles everything for you, from secure collection and data erasure to transportation and responsible disposal/recycling.

Cost-Effective Solutions:

We offer a variety of disposal options to fit your budget. In many cases, we can even generate revenue for your business by reselling valuable assets. We minimize transportation costs and ensure transparent pricing.

Restore Technology offers a secure, responsible, and potentially profitable solution for your IT asset needs. Get a quote today for your secure IT disposal.

IT disposal services for every need

Our team of IT disposal specialists, strategically located across the UK, ensures we can efficiently manage your IT asset disposal project, regardless of your location. This service is designed to be comprehensive, addressing all your IT disposal needs and providing peace of mind throughout the process. With Restore Technology, you can be confident your IT assets are disposed of securely, responsibly, and cost-effectively.


Here’s how our secure IT disposal collection process works:

Step 1: Schedule Your Collection:

Contact Restore Technology and speak with a dedicated IT disposal specialist. Discuss your specific needs and schedule a convenient collection time. We offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate your business hours.

Step 2: Pre-Collection Preparation:

We'll provide you with a detailed pre-collection checklist to ensure a smooth handover. All items with be tagged with a unique indentifier to be tracked throughout the collection to disposal process.

Step 3: Secure On-Site Collection:

Our uniformed and insured collection team will arrive at your designated location on the scheduled date and time then a detailed inventory receipt for your records. Our secure transportation vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking for added peace of mind.

Step 4: Data Security Verification (Optional):

If you haven't opted for pre-collection data erasure, our team can perform a secure data wiping process on-site using government-approved software. This ensures all sensitive information is permanently removed from storage devices before disposal. We provide certificates of data destruction for regulatory compliance once all assets have then been formally disposed of.

Transparent Chain of Custody:

Throughout the entire collection process, a strict chain of custody is maintained. This ensures a documented record of your equipment's movement from your location to our secure processing facilities. Ready to safely and securely dispose of your IT equipment?

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