Leading IT disposal for the finance sector

Secure data services

Secure data services for the finance sector.

Government-approved to destroy data to the maximum UK security level.

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Leading IT disposal for the financial sector

Restore Technology offers IT asset services to help businesses keep their financial data, IT assets, and hybrid work setups secure. They have experience working with UK financial organizations and provide services for storing and disposing of IT assets to government-approved standards.

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IT asset management

IT asset management is crucial for businesses to manage hardware and software. Our tailored solutions combine best practices, financial, contractual, and risk management to optimize assets and increase efficiency. Our approach considers business goals and IT infrastructure for bespoke solutions.

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IT disposal

Restore Technology offers safe and secure IT asset disposal services, including non-destructive data erasure of PCs, laptops, monitors, hard drives, and servers. They are committed to delivering safety, security, and peace of mind to their clients.

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Data security and compliance

Data security is crucial in the financial sector due to the need for transparency, accessibility, and honesty in handling sensitive data. Compliance with GDPR and DPA 2018 is mandatory, but complacency can lead to financial and reputational damages. Our team of consultants and digital specialists can help ensure proper handling of digital information and identify regulatory gaps and errors.

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Hybrid, office and home working IT management

The way we work has changed, and businesses need to adapt to the demands and requirements that face the finance sector. The company offers a range of hybrid, office, and home-working solutions to cater to ever-changing business needs. They understand that every business and individual within them is different and tailor things to hit the ground running.

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IT asset and data destruction

DIY methods for dealing with outdated IT devices can be risky in sectors like finance. A secure data destruction service approved to the highest UK security level can properly dispose of confidential and sensitive data. The service includes three methods to ensure no retrievable data remains within the assets.

For the Finance sector, we would suggest that you require these services at a minimum.

  • Check that their services are suitable for you
  • Secure collection of your assets using GPS tracked vehicles or onsite IT disposal (if preferred)
  • An inventory report outlining what was collected
  • Complete data erasure using certified processes or physical destruction (if preferred)
  • Sometimes the ITAD provider should be able to offer you a rebate

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