Secure IT collection service

Dispose of your IT with confidence

Laptops, servers, or network gear – we’ve got you covered. Our end-to-end Secure Collection service is here to help you securely and sustainably dispose of your unwanted IT assets and ensure the safe destruction of all the data they hold.

Why choose our secure IT logistics service? 

  • Nationwide facilities
  • Secure Data Chain of Custody
  • GPS tracked, secure collection
  • Secure Data Wiping
  • Data destruction certificate
  • Fully compliant
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Perfect for small and medium sized businesses

With our expert and fully vetted professional IT logistics team working to accredited standards, from point of collection through to data wiping and recycling, we can meet the security policy requirements of almost every organisation.

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Here’s what the service comprises:

Secure collection

We securely collect your unwanted assets from anywhere in the UK and take them to one of our secure facilities for onward processing.

Asset tagging

All items are asset tagged for complete traceability and audibility.

Data wiping

Data erasure in compliance with regulatory standards, meeting all your security policy requirements.

Data destruction certificate

Once your data has been fully wiped, we’ll provide a data destruction certificate for your audit records.

Responsible disposal

We’ll sustainably and securely recycle your assets and their constituent parts.

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