Ultra Secure Hard Drive Destruction

Secure and sustainable

Secure Hard Drive Shredding: Guaranteed Data Destruction for Your Business

At Restore Technology, we understand the criticality of data security for your business success. Our comprehensive hard drive destruction service offers a verifiable and auditable solution to guarantee the complete eradication of your sensitive data from all storage devices.

Unparalleled Security with Independent Verification

NSPA and NCSC-Approved Destruction:

Our data destruction methods hold the highest accreditations from the NPSA and the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), providing unmatched confidence in the security of our procedures.

Rigorous, Two-Millimeter Shredding:

Industrial-grade shredders reduce hard drives, including laptops, desktops, IDE, SATA, solid-state, and SCSI models, into minuscule particles no larger than 2mm, rendering data recovery virtually impossible.

Unbroken Chain of Custody:

We maintain a meticulously documented chain of custody throughout the entire process, providing a verifiable record of your data's secure destruction.

a hard drive being shredded

Seasoned Security Professionals

Our hard drive destruction service is backed by a team of seasoned security professionals who are your guardians against this ever-changing landscape. This ensures that your hard drives, regardless of type (laptop, desktop, IDE, SATA, solid-state, SCSI, etc.), are reduced to minuscule particles that areĀ  impossible to recover.

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Commitment to Continuous Improvement

We actively stay current on the latest data security threats and destruction technologies to deliver the most advanced solutions for your data destruction needs. We are committed to providing the highest level of security, service, and peace of mind.

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Enhanced Security Measure

For an additional layer of security, our service includes the scanning and recording of hard drive serial numbers prior to on-site shredding. This comprehensive approach provides a complete audit trail, ensuring a verifiable and documented record of the secure data destruction process.

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