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IT Support Services

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IT support services



We can provide onsite members of staff to function as reactive support personnel for your end users. Our IT engineers have a wide range of technical skills and can assist your staff with any short or long term projects. We can easily back-fill your holiday schedules, providing you with highly capable technical staff as and when you need.

Through our trusted partner we are also able to offer award winning IT helpdesk services, 24/7 and 365 days per year. This service supports your business by providing improved service delivery and customer satisfaction rates, as well as reduced costs and greater staff productivity.

Lastly our support services also include the repair and refurbishment of damaged assets for our existing clients, cable management to reduce wasted time and frustration and improve office safety, and IT cleaning to keep your equipment looking good as new.




How it works

In the event that you need additional staff for a project or to back-fill holiday schedules, we can provide highly experienced IT engineers for overall support.

Alternatively you may require an outsourced IT service desk to help ease the strain on your IT team. Through our partner company we can offer reliable and award winning IT managed services.


support services

Our other support services

IT repair and refurbishment

IT repair & refurbishment

We also repair and refurbish IT assets for our clients, from laptops and tablets to smartphones, helping reduce their procurement costs.



IT cleaning

IT cleaning

Our IT cleaning services are designed to enhance your equipment and leave it looking like new, whilst also improving office hygiene.



IT cabling service

Cable management

Good quality cable management is paramount in your working environment. We offer desk-cable, below-floor cable management and more.



Benefits for you


A reliable, cost effective extension of your IT team

Our team of highly experienced engineers can be relied upon to supplement your existing team as and when you require them. They have the expertise to be able to integrate smoothly into your staff, picking up the work of absent employees enabling your business to continue operating at full capacity. You only pay for the help you require.


Flexible workforce

You can utilise our engineers when you require them, for instance bringing in extra help during very busy periods, or back filling BAU whilst your in-house staff undertake project work. Bringing in external engineers can also give your workforce a greater range of skillsets with which to tackle a given project.


Improved service delivery & customer satisfaction rates

Using our partner's outsourced IT service desk allows for better event, incident and request management, saving your IT service desk team time, money and effort.