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IT disposal and
data destruction


Experts in data destruction, we destroy media to top UK security level



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Our IT disposal services are carried out by a fully vetted team of IT security professionals. We can carry out the secure destruction of your IT assets. Both logical erasure and physical destruction can be performed on site or off site at our secure IT disposal facility. Physical destruction includes punching, shredding or degaussing.

For off-site IT destruction we will collect your IT assets in tracked, unmarked vehicles and deliver to our secure facility to carry out the destruction. This service provides a fully recorded and reportable audit trail using STREAMS® , our customer web based portal.

We are very highly certified, take a look at our quality page for more information on our IT disposal certifications.

We also provide secure IT relocation and IT recycling services.




Our IT disposal service

As a leading IT disposal company we fully appreciate that as a result of the new GDPR regulations, your company is reviewing its management of personal information and has decided to clear out its redundant IT assets. These assets can’t just be thrown away, they need to be destroyed in order to avoid their data getting into the wrong hands. Restore Technology are experts in secure IT disposals. We can come to your business and carry out the fully-compliant destruction of these IT assets, before taking away the residue to be recycled through our network of audited UK downstream partners. We’ll also provide you with a certificate of destruction upon completion.


secure IT disposals

The benefits of using an IT disposal company


Total security

We are experts in secure IT disposals. We have the certifications to show our expertise in this area and are fully equipped to carry out this service in perfect security. Whether on or off-site, we’ll ensure the IT destruction is carried out according to all regulations and will provide you with full documentation after the fact.



Certified to the e-Stewards® standard, all of our IT disposal services are carried out in an environmentally responsible manner. Electronic components contain heavy metals which are highly toxic, we ensure that no waste ends up in landfill or gets diverted to a non-OECD country.


Protect Your Data

If we carry out an IT relocation as part of the service then this involves moving sensitive data too. Keeping track of these data bearing assets is a priority, which is why we track all the IT assets we move, meaning you know where they are at all times. By using us for your IT moves and changes you can be assured that all of your data is secure, throughout the process.



We operate a strict zero to landfill policy and always ensure that any IT recycling we collect is dealt with in a manner which creates minimal environmental impact.


Common questions about IT disposal

Why use an ITAD provider / dispose of IT professionally?

Disposing of your IT waste in the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly way is a common challenge to meet for most business owners. Professional ITAD companies will dispose of your IT waste carefully and in accordance with current data protection laws regarding any stored data that may still be present on your IT assets. A reputable ITAD provider will also ensure that their end of life practices are carried out with an awareness of environmental issues caused by redundant IT equipment and will work hard to reduce the environmental impact of their disposal services.

Services offered by ITAD providers include: 

  • Data destruction – certified data erasure and/or shredding for all forms of storage media.
  • Technical refurbishing, upgrading or harvesting of asset devices and components.
  • Reselling or redeployment of retired equipment to reduce or recover asset costs.
  • Secure logistics – Collections and deployments.
  • Downstream auditing, tracking and reporting to provide full legal and data accountability.
  • WEEE regulated recycling of obsolete electrical assets at a fully audited and certified de-processing facility to collect raw materials that can be reused for manufacturing.
  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) compliance and practices.

How do I know my data is safe?

ITAD providers will use approved and certified data erasure tools to ensure the complete erasure of data from the device. If the customer prefers physical destruction, this can also be carried out using methods including degaussing, punching and shredding. At Restore Technology we recommend the use of data erasure software, which works by overwriting zeros, ones or meaningless data onto all of the sectors of a hard disk drive, thereby replacing any incumbent data. Verification is then applied to ensure 100% data erasure success. Any data devices that fail verification undergo immediate physical destruction through shredding. The upside of data erasure is that it means the equipment can be transferred on for resale, recouping some of the funds that were spent on its original purchase. Through this service we often deliver large returns to our customers following the resale of their unwanted assets, such as in this case study which shows how we were able to deliver a return of over £350,000 to our customer. In order to achieve 100% reliable and verifiable data erasure, data security solutions are designed with a combination of manual and automated processes which are integral components of a strictly managed process. Every data destruction event is systematically recorded against the asset record - and then verified as a separate, independent operation. A central security repository and erasure certificates provide evidence to verify the final outcome and prove compliance.

Are you fully certified?

At Restore Technology we are very highly certified, in fact we are one of just a handful of companies worldwide to be accredited with the ADISA Distinction with Honours for our commitment to delivering ITAD at the very highest standard. The ADISA audit process involves full and unannounced audits to verify that a company is using the correct procedures to ensure full legal compliance and secure data erasure. You can find our full ADISA Members Statement here. Our other certifications include security management standards and schemes such as BSI standards and Cyber Essentials, and as an accredited SafeContractor, we have proven that health and safety requirements are being handled correctly on our sites.

Are you environmentally friendly?

We work hard to ensure our services are as environmentally friendly as we can make them. We offer a ‘zero to landfill’ policy so all the equipment we process is disposed of by resale and reuse or, where this is not possible, by breaking the equipment down into its constituent parts for recycling. In this way, we help protect the environment and ensure that we and our customers comply with all environmental legislation, including the WEEE directive.
Our environmental accreditations show that we don’t take shortcuts, and we choose our recycling partners carefully to ensure that no waste products are diverted for disposal in a non-OECD country. Our facilities include features such as smart lighting and water saving devices, and our main facility is equipped with 61 solar panels which provide power for many of our services.

We are proud of our sustainable services and when using our services you can be proud that you are dealing with your IT in a manner which ensures both data security and a high level of sustainability. In fact, when using our Streams® platform, you can generate your own sustainability report. Our system calculates the environmental benefits of your IT reuse and recycling, and breaks them down in a variety of ways. You can see how much you have recycled in kilograms and how this is broken down by material. You can see how much environmental impact you’ve avoided in terms of CO2 output, air contamination, landfill, and water pollution. We show your equivalent energy saving in terms of the annual energy supply of a typical home, or the annual emissions of a standard car. Lastly we even show how many waste toxins you’ve diverted, from lead to mercury or zinc. These positive achievements can be shared with your staff or clients to show off your good work.