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Technology Case Studies

Technology Case Studies

Case Studies

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Global IT refresh for leading law firm

IT refresh for law firm


The Client

Our client is one of the largest law firms in the world, with offices in scores of countries worldwide. The firm was embarking on a massive IT refresh project, involving the global upgrade of their existing desktop environment to an HP laptop estate.


The Project

The project would take place over a period of 12 months, and would involve upgrading roughly 3000 desks in the UK, plus a similar number abroad. Complex aspects would have to be considered such as differing tax laws, minimisation of employee downtime and importantly, total data security throughout.

The Solution

Our client decided that HP would organise the refresh project, and Restore Technology would provide services for the old assets, from decommission through to resale. As the project commenced we began the process of following behind HP to the various offices around the world, collecting and decommissioning the old kit before physically destroying any data bearing assets as per our client’s security requirements. Then we remarketed the PCs on the firm’s behalf.

In the UK alone we dealt with over 6000 assets, involving 35 different site visits, and once we had carried out all the required services, we had achieved a large profitable surplus for the firm from our UK operations.

Whilst we carried out all of the UK work ourselves, as well as the projects in closer international offices such as Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels, we utilised the support of TES-AMM, another IT lifecycle services provider, in more distant offices such as Australia, the Far and Middle East and South Africa. In order to comply with international tax laws we completed all billing locally, as well as the exchange of remarketing proceeds. 

The project was completed after 12 months and was a resounding success. Everything was completed on time and within budget, and we were able to achieve sufficient rebate on the former assets to offset the entire cost of the operations for our client, ending in a substantial surplus position. The company was able to make a smooth and secure transition to their new laptop estate, complete with full documentation of the process.


Business Sector

Leading law firm


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