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Technology Case Studies

Technology Case Studies

Case Studies

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NHS Trusts Case Study

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The Client


Following a series of major data security incidents involving IT Asset Disposition (ITAD), NHS Commercial Solutions decided to go out to tender to find disposal companies who were able to demonstrate that they had the ability and infrastructure necessary to deliver robust solutions quickly and efficiently into the NHS. As part of the tender process NHS Commercial Solutions asked responders to propose how to deliver against key security requirements across a range of equipment types, data storage devices and in a number of different working scenarios.


The Challenges


With many different NHS trusts having access to the framework agreement, Restore Technology recognised that we would need to deliver a solution that was both robust in the way it consistently delivered against NHS Commercial Solutions goals AND flexible enough to manage the different scenarios we would be faced with from each individual trust.

We would need to implement a solution that could track and verify the disposition of each trust’s assets at every stage gate - from collection through to data destruction - on a large scale, and without any compromise to accuracy. To keep costs low the ideal solution would also need to return the highest revenue possible from the resale of assets. Therefore, the residual value of each asset also needed to be protected.

Restore Technology’s automated control system, coupled with our value-centric approach to disposition management, was the ideal solution.


The Solution


Restore Technology began by implementing a high security logistics service which includes automated reconciliation of assets, by serial number, at every stage gate. This delivers a complete and reportable secure ‘chain of custody’ for all assets. Asset handling is managed by our in-house technical logistics teams who are specifically trained in protecting asset value throughout the movement process.

This process was included into our on-site destruction solution, providing disintegration, shredding, erasure and degaussing solutions to meet each requirement. Sanitising and processing each asset via our proprietary central control systems gives our client complete visibility of the status and value of each of their assets in ‘real time’ and ensuring auditable compliance.


What We Delivered

• Accurate and transparent asset tracking and processing to measured SLAs
• The capture of a significant number of hard drives lost by the trusts 
• Certified data sanitisation reporting at granular level - indemnified to £7M 
• 60% of assets processed and sanitized have been resold - significantly reducing the overall cost to the NHS

Business Sector

NHS Commercial Solutions

Size: Numerous NHS trusts nationwide

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