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Technology Case Studies

Technology Case Studies

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Technical Support for Law Firm - Case Study

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The Client

Our client is a multinational law firm headquartered in London. They were about to drastically increase their size through a major merger, which would see them become one of the largest in the world with partners and lawyers numbering in the thousands.


The Merger

The merger was set to be a vast project, and one which would require significant technical support, from the auditing, movement and installation of thousands of pieces of IT equipment to overall desktop support. Restore Technology were already working with an American global corporation which sells print and digital document solutions, and through them we were already providing IT disposition services to the legal firm. So, in advance of the merger we presented our full range of technical IT resource services to the firms’ project management team.


The Project

Three weeks before the physical move and at extremely short notice, the company’s project management team contacted Restore Technology to request six field services personnel who could assist in the roll-out of a new security app to mobile phone users. The call and brief arrived late on a Monday and our engineers were onsite at 9am the next day, ready to assist.

Ultimately the engineers were able to complete the roll-out of the app to full satisfaction and ahead of deadline, with the job being wrapped up by the Thursday of that week. Thanks to the competence and professionalism of the engineering team, opportunities to provide further technical support began to open up across the merging law firms. Restore Technology were soon tasked to audit and remove IT equipment from offices across the UK for safe storage at our secure facility, pending a decision on what would be re-deployed, disposed or resold.


Soon afterwards, when 600 staff from one of the merging law firms moved over to our client’s offices in London, Restore Technology provided highly experienced staff who were able to set up the new desk spaces with the absolute minimum disruption, a necessity given that staff were already working in the office. This seamless transition was achieved through the deployment of a ‘moves and changes’ team who worked nights to set up and test the work stations prior to the arrival of the incoming staff. Our experienced and friendly engineers were able to provide excellent troubleshooting, problem-solving and analytical skills to assist the company’s IT help desk, often managing and resolving over 100 tickets per day, thus making an effective and helpful contribution to the internal support team members as they dealt with an inevitable surge in support calls during the transition.

Over the course of the merger, Restore Technology went from primarily providing secure disposal of IT assets to handling a broad range of the companies’ technical requirements, even sitting in on strategy meetings in order to provide the highest level of technical support. We believe this is a testament to the quality and support of our staff, and Restore Technology are proud to have been able to provide a collaborative contribution to the merger, ensuring total client satisfaction.



“The team here have been delighted with the support provided by Restore Technology during and since our merger. They were available even at short notice and during unsociable hours, always working diligently to streamline and expedite what could have been a difficult transition period. Their understanding of a large company’s IT requirements has been invaluable and we look forward to working with them in the future.”

- Account Director



Business Sector

Multinational law firm based in London

Size: 600 staff

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