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Do You Need Your Old IT Recycling?

Published on 20 June 2018

Do You Need Your Old IT Recycling?

Lots of businesses and organisations are a little confused over their IT recycling. Disposing of your IT assets correctly is incredibly important. Should you suffer a data breach or fall victim to identity theft through the negligent or careless disposal of your confidential data, then you could incur heft fines of anything up to £500,000, and with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules now in effect, the penalties could escalate into millions for some companies.

Ultimately, the responsibility falls on you as the data controller to ensure that your company paperwork, files, stored documentation and end-of-life data bearing hardware is placed into safe and secure hands for it's disposal.  

With the governments drive for more businesses to become environmentally conscious and have sustainable practices for the disposal of their old data, it makes perfect sense to put in place a sound IT recycling plan of action for your company.

Not only do you need to securely dispose of your old company paper-based files when they reach the end of their useful life, you also need to take extra care to dispose of your electronic data in a way that doesn't cost the earth. This is why you should come to Restore for your end of life IT recycling needs. Not only will you be able to safely dispose of your unwanted IT, you will be saving your company or organisation from the risk of suffering a financial penalty for failing to adhere to current Data Protection requirements.

How Restore can help

Our IT recycling experts will work closely with you to identify the IT equipment that you have that needs secure disposal under current WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) disposal regulations.

We offer a service of total management of all of your end-of-life IT assets. Once identified and organised, we will securely collect your redundant assets for our environmentally friendly IT recycling process. We are GDPR compliant and certified to e-Stewards and ISO 14001. At Restore Technology we don’t take any shortcuts with your sensitive data. We operate a strict zero waste to landfill policy, and will provide you with a full audit trail right from collection to final destruction of your expired assets.

There is no need to worry about any data breaches or risks of losing your confidential data en-route to our secure destruction facilities. Restore operate a fully vetted team of IT security professionals that will collect your redundant IT equipment from your premises. Your assets will be carried in a fully secure and tracked vehicle that is unmarked, so no attention is drawn to the contents during transit.

Once our tracked security vehicles arrive at our disposal plant, our team will go through the biometric entry system and your assets will have full coverage from CCTV throughout its movement through the system to its final destruction. This gives you a full audit trail for your records and you will be issues with a Certificate of Destruction on completion.

Using our professional cutting-edge technology, we will securely erase every trace of data from your hardware so all of your data storage devices are wiped clean before being disassembled and having any re-usable components and materials separated out for recycling.

Should your IT assets have any residual value, then we can use this to offset the cost of your IT disposal. Should you wish us to donate any re-usable IT assets to a charity of your choice, then let us know in advance so we can ensure the safe delivery to your chosen charity or organisation.


Why you can trust Restore Technology for IT Recycling

Restore Technology is a division of Restore, a well-established service company that offers secure disposal of sensitive business data, as well as leading-edge IT relocations, and secure document storage and more.

Our specialist team brings together the skills and experience of a number of notable, trusted and accredited companies to provide and comprehensive service for your safe IT asset disposal and IT recycling.

We cover three main services – IT Lifecycle Services, IT Relocation, and Printer Cartridge Recycling.

Visit us here to find out more about our secure end of life IT recycling services. Or contact us today to discuss your needs.