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Secure IT Disposal Advice and Best Practice

Published on 18 June 2018

Secure IT Disposal Advice and Best Practice

When you run a business, it can be difficult to keep on top of your IT disposal because it contains very sensitive data, such as financial records and the personal information of your employees and clients or customers.

The confidential data that is stored on your IT equipment falls under WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) recycling regulations, meaning it cannot be disposed of through regular landfill sites or put out for collection with your regular refuse.

Every company needs to put in place a secure IT disposal best practice procedure that staff should adhere to for when it comes necessary to dispose of old, broken down or damaged IT equipment. This is where Restore can help you.

Our secure IT disposal system will enable you to dispose of your hard disk drives as well as erasing secure data and recycling the physical disk.

Why you shouldn't try this yourself

Many business owners, particularly small business owners, may want to attempt to remove and dispose of a hard disc drive from an old company PC. But it's not just a case of simply removing the drive, it is also hugely important to erase all personal, financial and other sensitive information from the disc before removing it, as directed under the Data Protection Act 1999 (UK). The regulations state that failure to remove all personal data from a hard disk may result in fines, personal compensation claims and in some cases criminal prosecution.

By using a reputable and responsible recycling company, such as Restore,  you can be rest assured that we will carry out this process for you and issue you with official certification of hard drive destruction to help fully cover you against any future confidentiality or legal issues.

Restores secure IT disposal process also means that once the data destruction system has been done, we also fully recycle your hard drives by breaking them down into individual components and parts that can be either re-used or recycled into usable materials.

Should we come across any hard drives that cannot be broken down for recycling for whatever reason, then we can have it destroyed through our specialist shredding process so that it will no longer be functional or of any use to anyone. We will consult with you about your IT disposal and advise you about any drives you may have that may need to be securely shredded.

It is not just computer hard drives that fall under WEEE disposal regulations. Your old company laptops, PC's and other electrical equipment that fall under WEEE disposal regulations should be securely recycled. This ensures there is minimal electrical waste going to landfill which can impact on the environment.

Our secure IT disposal experts at Restore will work closely with you to identify where your old IT equipment can be recycled and will ensure that all of your confidential information contained is effectively erased from hard drives, discs and data storage devices.

Visit us here to find out more about our secure end of life IT disposal services. Or contact us today to discuss your needs.