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The Benefits of Using Restore Technology On-site IT Destruction

Published on 16 September 2019

The Benefits of Using Restore Technology On-site IT Destruction

Your chain of custody is basically a documented trail that outlines the lifespan of your IT assets, right from purchase to the ultimate secure disposal. You should ensure that you have documented proof that you disposed of your expired IT assets in a secure way that eliminates any data breach risks.

You can usually get this proof from a trustworthy and professional on-site IT destruction company such as Restore Technology.

Out of sight isn't out of mind

When it comes to disposing of your redundant IT office equipment, there is no such thing as "out of sight; out of mind" especially when it comes to data-bearing IT equipment.

In these ages of data breaches and ID theft, companies cannot afford to take any risks when it comes to their business data security and secure data destruction methods.

It is not simply a case of sending your broken or obsolete pieces of IT equipment to the landfill or the nearest local authority recycling centre. Unless you can dispose of your data-bearing hardware properly, you will leave your company-wide open to data breaches and also severe financial penalties and legal repercussions.

When in-house data wiping isn't enough

It is likely that you will not have the in-house expertise or the correct equipment to conduct your own disc wiping and data destruction by yourself.

Your best option to ensure that all of your sensitive company data is sanitised from all of your data-bearing spent equipment is to place this task into the hands of qualified and experienced external service provider such as Restore Technology.

Remember that under the current data protection act and GDPR regulations, your company needs to meet certain compliance measures about deleting your stored data.

By far the best way to ensure you meet with your compliance is to work with a service provider that will come out to your business premises to conduct your secure IT disposal.

Book Restore Technology Secure Data Destruction services that come to you

When you are busy trying to run your business the last thing you want to happen is for your productivity levels to drop because you need to divert the actions of your staff away from their regular duties towards performing other tasks.

With Restore Technology secure IT destruction services there will be no need to move your redundant IT equipment off-site for secure disposal. Instead, you can leave your staff in place and bring our team of data destruction experts directly to your door.

We can bring our data-shredding services directly to your business premises. We offer a full-service solution to solve the problem of needing to move your sensitive data-bearing IT off your premises.

Once onsite, we can shred virtually any kind of data-bearing device, such as:

  • HDDs
  • Magnetic tapes
  • SSDs

Our fully-trained destruction team will be able to:

  • Remove data-bearing storage drives from machines
  • Make a record of drive serial numbers to be destroyed
  • Document all of the information you need to comply with your data security requirements
  • Completely shred the storage drives
  • Sort out your remaining waste materials, parts and equipment for recycling
  • Award you with a Certificate of Destruction for your audit trail

On top of this, your own management team will have the ability to personally witness the destruction process from start to finish.

Trustworthy IT asset disposal

As a professional IT destruction and disposal company, Restore Technology take the end of life custody of your business IT assets very seriously.

We are well aware that your company will be liable to government penalties should your business suffer from ID theft or a data breach that could potentially cripple your reputation and high standing.

A sensible business owner needs to always be on their guard when it comes to protecting their sensitive company data. This includes financial data and transactions, the personal data of their customers as well as their own employees.

To help mitigate against the risks of your business data being used unethically outside of your premises, it makes perfect sense to bring in Restore Technology to securely destroy your spent IT assets through our on-site secure disposal process.

Restore secure on-site IT destruction

There is no need to worry about the security of your valuable data when you deal with Restore Technology. All of our staff that will be involved in your IT destruction are fully vetted and security trained to the very highest of standards.

Our team of trained professionals will come to your place of business to carry out the secure destruction of your spent IT assets. You will be able to recognise our specialist destruction teams as they will attend dressed in our official company uniform and will carry valid ID on them at all times.

Witnessing the destruction of your data

Our data destruction methods include logical erasure and physical destruction. Physical destruction includes punching, shredding or degaussing.

One of the greatest benefits of hiring Restore Technology to securely destroy and dispose of your redundant IT assets is the fact that you can witness the whole destruction process with your own eyes.

You can be guaranteed that absolutely nothing leaving your business premises following our secure destruction process will be in a state that will allow for any recoverable data.

What happens to the waste products?

Another aspect you need to consider when arranging to have your spent IT assets destroyed is what to do with the leftover materials once total destruction has taken place.

Luckily, Restore Technology also offers our clients an environmentally-friendly recycling service.

We will come to your business premises to carry out the destruction of your IT assets in full compliance with the current Data Protection Act and GDPR regulations. Following the process, we will also remove the waste residue so it doesn't end up going to landfill.

Restore Technology operate WEEE regulated recycling of materials coming from obsolete electrical assets at our fully audited and certified de-processing facility.

We collect raw materials together from our IT asset destruction processing so your waste will be sorted and recycled through our network of audited UK downstream partners. The raw materials can then go on to be reused for manufacturing new products.

This will not only help you to securely dispose of your data-bearing IT assets with zero risks of experiencing a data breach but will also help to boost your environmental footprint and green reputation in a time where the government are pushing UK businesses to become more mindful about their environmental impact.

We will also provide you with an official certificate of destruction upon completion that you can use for your auditing purposes. This will give you a fully recorded and reportable audit trail for your IT assets.

The benefits of using secure on-site IT asset disposal services

There is nothing to lose and a lot to gain by hiring Restore Technology to handle your IT asset destruction. Firstly, we are leading experts in secure IT disposals. You can trust Restore Technology because:

  • We carry industry certifications that demonstrate our expertise and show that we are a nationally recognised and very well trusted company for handling business IT asset destruction.
  • We are fully equipped to handle onsite data destruction and can perform this service on your business premises right in front of your eyes.
  • You don't have to deal with the leftover waste materials from the destruction process. We will remove these for you and ensure that your waste will be recycled to keep it from going to landfill.
  • We are certified to the e-Stewards® standard, which means that all of our IT disposal services are carried out in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • Many electronic components contain highly toxic heavy metals. We have a zero-landfill policy that means no business waste ends up in UK landfill or gets shipped overseas to a non-OECD country.

We are dedicated to operating a service that creates minimal environmental impact. We process your waste material in the most environmentally-friendly way possible, which reflects positively on your business too!

Why you should trust Restore Technology

There are not many IT destruction and disposal companies that can come out to your business premises to perform secure on-site destruction services.

Restore Technology is a leading company that has successfully managed to devise and create a service that is trusted by thousands of UK businesses. We work closely with businesses of all sizes across the country and operate an award-winning service that has been recognised by official government bodies that set the standards of care, handling and safety requirements for the handling of confidential data and its secure disposal.

There are a lot of negative issues that you could suffer from if you trusted your IT destruction to anyone else. These could include:

  • Risks from unsecured transportation vehicles: Your spent IT assets could get stolen during transport en-route to an off-site waste disposal centre. This can expose your company to a data breach or identity theft.
  • Non-security checked staff: Another company may operate a cheap hired staff that are not properly security-vetted or have any background checks made. The vehicle driver may take away your spent IT assets while still intact to sell onto others rather than properly destroy and recycle your assets.
  • Your IT assets could be labelled for resale instead of destruction, leaving your stored data intact and sold on in a recoverable condition.
  • Your IT assets could be sold on intact to a third party to dispose of. Instead, they could ship them overseas to be reused without first destroying your data.

On-site IT destruction is the solution

You can avoid all of the above risks by making sure that none of your IT assets are sent off to a third-party recycler completely intact.

You can instead have Restore Technology destroy your data on-site with our industrial strength mobile shredding technology.

If you take your company data security seriously, and you should, the only way to be 100% confident that not a shred of your confidential data will leave your business premises intact is to dispose of it securely through our on-site IT destruction service.

The many advantages of on-site IT destruction

The advantages of on-site data destruction are many:

  • Your IT assets will never leave your possession intact or usable
  • The entire destruction process can be witnessed by yourself or your key staff members
  • The risks of suffering a loss of assets en route to an off-site recycling centre are zero
  • There will be no accidental mistakes made by the recycler
  • There is no waiting around time when your IT assets will be sitting around and possibly exposed before destruction

Using an ethical company such as Restore Technology will reduce your risks

Choosing a trusted service provider such as Restore Technology for your on-site IT destruction will be totally secure. This means that you will be maximising your data security while having the convenience of a destruction service that comes out to your business premises.

Restore Technology has your best interests at heart and we will do what is best for you – at all times!

As an ethical data destruction company and recycler, we will make sure that your IT assets are completely destroyed and none of your confidential company data will be recoverable at the end of the shredding process.

Nothing will get missed as we follow a strict set of industrial safety standards. We even go out of our way to make sure none of your waste material ends up in the landfill.

GDPR updates and tighter data security

Any sensible company owner these days will not take the risk of having any of their sensitive business data leave their premises intact, especially since the latest GDPR updates where data storage and data use rules and regulations have been tightened up.

Using our on-site IT destruction services will mean you can successfully eliminate the middle set of steps that you used to need when your spent IT assets needed to be transported off-site for destruction where too many things can go wrong.

By using on-site IT destruction services, you will feel fully secure in the knowledge that your data chain of custody will be complete and you will be issued with official proof following the process with your Certificate of Destruction.

Contact Restore Technology today to discuss your IT destruction and disposal needs. You can use our online contact form to send us a query or you can call our friendly team directly on: 03330 602 414.