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The Case For Businesses To Use Green Data Destruction

Published on 11 December 2018

The Case For Businesses To Use Green Data Destruction

To remain compliant with all current Data Protection rules and regulations, every company needs to make sure they follow best practices with regard to the eventual destruction of IT equipment that contains sensitive stored information. IT Destruction is something that should be taken very seriously if you want your company to remain within Data Protection laws.

Keeping your data protected even after IT disposal

Once your IT equipment has come to the end of its useful life, ensuring the complete destruction of any stored sensitive data is more important than ever. Depending on the type of electronic equipment your company uses, your equipment may be storing data and information that can be recovered even if you perform data wipes before disposing of your hardware.
Even today in our more safety-conscious world there are cases of sensitive data being discovered on second-hand computer hard drives and refurbished IT equipment. While you may suspect that this could be down to small or inexperienced business owners disposing of old IT assets without being aware of the proper procedures needed for safe data destruction, it has still been happening with larger organisations such as government agencies and the medical sector.
While the public awareness of proper data destruction has been raised, it still remains a serious issue. However, you as a business owner shouldn't be put off from recycling your old IT assets, for as long as you follow proper guidelines for the safe removal of sensitive data and employ the help of IT Destruction specialists such as Restore Technology, you know that you will be doing the right thing to protect your company as well as the environment.

Blending Green Recycling with Effective Data Destruction

Once it becomes time to dispose of your old office electronic devices, you need to ensure that proper data destruction takes place before your equipment goes on to be thoroughly recycled. However, there is more to data destruction than just wiping your computer memory or smashing up the device or hard drive with a hammer. If you value the future health of the planet and want to dispose of your spent assets in an environmentally friendly manner, then you should look into green data destruction options to deal with your redundant electronic equipment.
The added benefit of going through proper green recycling methods means that you are not only helping to reduce the amount of waste going to the landfill, but you are also taking valuable steps to further protect your sensitive business information that still could be stored on your devices.

Restore Technology End of Life Services

With Restore Technology, you get a complete end-of-life service that manages all of your redundant, broken and obsolete IT assets. We are fully GDPR compliant and will provide you with a fully audited trail so you can track the progress of your spent IT assets right from collection to final destruction.
In fact, we offer you the choice between onsite IT Destruction or offsite IT Destruction, whichever method suits your needs the best. You can choose the exact method of data destruction you want and then decide whether you want to further capitalise on your assets by funnelling your still-useful equipment through our resale channels to allow other companies to buy quality refurbished IT equipment, or complete asset destruction and salvaging of valuable raw materials for recycling.
Either way, you can get to choose how your assets meet their end-of-life processes and make the best use of your redundant equipment to help offset the costs of secure data destruction and safe asset disposal.
Here is a summary of the benefits of working with Restore Technology to safely dispose of your IT equipment and completely remove any sensitive information to prevent data breaches and information losses in the most environmentally friendly way:

Secure Disposal: On or Off-site Destruction

No matter whether you choose to use our onsite or off-site services, you will be working closely with our team of IT security professionals that have been fully vetted and highly trained to deal with the secure disposal of your digital data and full destruction or disposal of your IT assets.
If you choose our onsite services, we will send out team to you to work on your own business premises. Our onsite services include complete data destruction from all of your redundant IT assets. You can then to choose whether you would like the complete physical destruction of your assets to be performed onsite or conveniently removed to one of our secure off-site disposal facilities. Physical destruction includes punching, shredding or degaussing of storage devices to completely obliterate the last traces of any stored sensitive data.
Should you prefer to have your spent IT assets removed from your premises for secure off-site disposal, we can collect your equipment directly from you and transport them to our destruction facilities via a fully security tracked, unmarked vehicle.
Our off-site destruction procedures involve the pick-up of your IT assets right through to their final destruction at our secure facilities in a fully recorded and tracked process. This mean that you will always know exactly where your assets are at all times and know the stage they are at in their disposal path. This service provides a fully recorded and reportable audit trail using STREAMS®, our customer web based portal. We are certified to the following standards, ADISA (Distinction with Honours), ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001 and e-stewards.

New GDPR compliance requirements

 The new rules regarding GDPR compliance came into effect on 25th May 2018. The new updates to the Data Protection Act has given many thousands of businesses the opportunity to review their management of the personal data being stored and ensure that it's management is meeting with all new requirements.
It has also provided businesses the chance to overhaul their IT assets and do a bit of housekeeping. We have been helping many businesses to clear out and safely dispose of their out of date IT equipment in a safe and environmentally friendly way. This not only helps our clients to clear out the clutter and free up some much needed office space, but it also has allowed them to safely dispose of electronic equipment and IT assets that cannot be simply thrown away.
With the new GDPR requirements in place, a lot of companies will have had to deal with the safe disposal of a huge amount of old sensitive data that has been stored on IT devices. Many businesses are still sorting through their information and calling on us for our help.
To help avoid this sensitive information falling into the wrong hands, Restore Technology can come to your rescue and assist you with our industry expertise and high-quality data protection training knowledge. We can come out to your business and carry out the fully-compliant destruction of your spent assets.
Once we have securely removed all sensitive data from your storage devices we can then process your assets to your desired instructions. We can safely remove any waste products from your IT destruction process to be completely recycled through our UK based network of recycling and repurposing partners. For auditing purposes, we will provide you with a Certificate of Destruction once your IT assets have been completely destroyed and disposed of.
You can be rest assured that working with Restore Technology means you are being delivered with the best possible end-of-life IT asset disposal system in the UK. 

You can benefit from:
Total security
As leading UK based experts in data destruction, Restore Technology have the required industry certification to prove our expertise in this field. Our cutting-edge technology and working practices mean we are fully-compliant with all current GDPR legislation and fully equipped to be able to carry out the secure destruction of your sensitive data. Our services are the benchmark that other service providers strive to reach.
Sustainable services
Certified to the e-Stewards® standard, all of our secure data and IT asset disposal services are carried out in an environmentally responsible manner. We take extra steps to ensure that zero waste from your IT disposal procedures ends up in landfill sites. We also ensure that no waste products are diverted abroad for disposal in a non-OECD country.
Environmental Recycling
Because we are fully certified to e-Stewards® and ISO 14001, we at Restore Technology don’t take any easy shortcuts. We also operate a strict zero waste to landfill policy that we take seriously and go out of our way to uphold and honour with each and every one of our clients. Recycling raw materials from completely destroyed IT equipment is only used as a last resort, and is completed utilising specialist recycling companies in the UK to help reduce our carbon footprint even further.
Our green promise to you
By using our Restore Technology end-of-life services for your redundant IT assets, your hardware will be processed in an environmentally friendly manner that ensures no components or waste find their way into a landfill. We have built up a trusted network of partners that will offer a new life for your usable IT assets. Where this isn't possible, your electronic equipment will be broken down into its raw materials and components and usable parts will be re-used or refurbished by our recycling partners.
This means that we can offer your company a completely sustainable and environmentally aware service that you and your staff can be proud of. You can use this to your best advantage to help build your reputation with your clients and show the world that you run an ethical and ecologically minded company.
A company you can trust
Restore Technology pride ourselves on the fact that we are fully WEEE compliant, which refers to The Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment regulation set up to address the environmental impact of discarded electrical equipment. By working with Restore Technology to securely handle your end-of-life IT destruction, your company will also remain fully WEEE compliant too!
Our data disposal services also comply with the ISO 14001 environmental policy, which is the international standard for environmental management systems. We also carry the ISO 27001 Information Security Management certification that verifies Restore Technology have the systems in place for the secure disposal of electrical equipment and the thorough destruction of all confidential data.
We are also proud to claim that we meet with all requirements for the Asset Disposal and Information Security Alliance (ADISA), an independent body that assesses and awards certification to businesses that can demonstrate they follow the most rigorous processes for risk management, data protection and environmental compliance. Checks are carried out over a series of planned and unannounced audits by ADISA every year. Restore Technology, through our company The ITAD Works, is one of only six UK companies that have achieved an ADISA Pass with Distinction with Honours.
This is why you can put your trust in Restore Technology to deliver you the most thorough and comprehensive end-of-life IT destruction services in the UK. Why not contact our friendly team of experts today to see how we can help your company. You may also be interested in taking a look at the other services Restore offer, such as Datashred, Digital, Records Management and Relocation.