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The traditional workplace will change post COVID-19 crisis

Published on 20 May 2020

The traditional workplace will change post COVID-19 crisis

Restore interviewed over 200 people living and working in the UK, as part of a survey exploring the impact the coronavirus crisis is having on peoples’ lives, due to the lockdown.


The report available below gives key statistics and quotes on how our lives, but work and business, in particular, will change going forwards. With the COVID-19 crisis being a catalyst for changing to a hybrid business model. All people involved lived and worked in the UK. 23% were public sector workers. 30% of those interviewed were company directors, and 28% senior management.


Key statistics into effects of the coronavirus on businesses and workers


  • 88% of people surveyed believe the economy will be significantly weakened post the crisis.

  • 85% of offices are at least partially closed.

  • Going forwards people are expecting the amount of homeworking to increase. With a higher proportion of office-based employees working from home a couple of days a week.

  • Only 25% of organisations used video conferencing tools regularly before the crisis.

  • Over half of us are planning to make permanent changes to the way we shop post the crisis. Only 6% of us who were new to online shopping to continue. But over 50% will shop locally and independently when the shops reopen.

  • 75% of people are expecting a reduction in business travel now video conferencing has been embedded as a business tool.

  • Most people are finding ways of adapting their leisure activities during the lockdown, but 26% are struggling.

  • 62% of us have started new leisure activities and hobbies during the lockdown. This varied from exercises to virtual pub quizzes to steamed online cultural events.

  • 80% of organisations are planning to change their business continuity plans following the crisis. Homeworking will be a long-term part of them.

What we've learnt from the coronavirus outbreak


The UK was on a long-term journey of change before the crisis, but this has been accelerated, with technologies such as video conference calls and cultures such as home or remote working now high on everyone's agendas. 

This doesn't suggest the end of the traditional office work environment but it will have a lasting impact on what was considered the norm.


To find out more read the full report here