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Why Restore Technology Is A Trusted IT Relocation Company

Published on 12 February 2019

Why Restore Technology Is A Trusted IT Relocation Company

No matter how careful you want to be when planning a business premises move, your IT relocation process can be a really risky business. Let's face it, there is so much valuable data at risk as well as possible damage to sensitive IT components and equipment.
This is why you should never put the safe relocation of your IT equipment into the hands of a company that doesn't know what they are doing or has never been involved with the movement of sensitive IT equipment between business premises.

However, when you trust Restore Technology as your IT relocation company, you will be confident that you are placing your IT move into very safe and experienced hands.

No matter whether you are expanding your business premises and want to relocate your IT internally within the same building, or you are planning for a complete move to new business premises many miles away, Restore Technology is a trusted IT relocation company that has performed hundreds of successful IT relocations.

Restore IT Decommission and Recommission Services

You may be wondering how we handle such a large and complicated job without ending up with packing boxes full of jumbled up wiring and equipment. Our very knowledgeable and experienced IT relocation teams put into practice a tried and tested system where we pay careful attention to label and catalogue every piece of your IT equipment in preparation of your move.

This means that we have developed and follow a highly efficient method of logging all of your desktop equipment before being carefully wrapped and packed by our team. We have taken care of every detail with our planning and packing routine, including the use of anti-static and shock-absorbing equipment packing materials.

For your computer equipment, we take great care to safely pack these into purpose built secure computer crates that have been designed for the safe physical transportation of delicate computer equipment. Even our transportation vehicles have been fitted out with special roll cages and security racking to ensure that none of your IT equipment can move around while being transported by road to your new premises.

We understand how sensitive your servers and IT equipment are, so we plan out your move to reduce risk and absolutely minimise the impact of your move on the condition of your servers and IT equipment. This means ensuring your most sensitive equipment is transported in an upright position and packed with the greatest of care.

No jigsaw puzzle pieces allowed

Each and every piece of your IT equipment from a PC and all its associated infrastructure will have its very own secure padded crate with all cabling securely sealed in a cable bag that is labelled up to match the PC it goes with. This means that your IT equipment will not arrive at the other end of your journey with missing or spare pieces of kit that have no home.

There can be nothing worse than witnessing a crate of mixed cabling or small pieces of equipment during reassembly when you simply don't know where it goes. We understand that you simply do not have the available time to sit around and unravel a puzzle box of bits and pieces when you should be focussing your time on getting your IT infrastructure back up and running as soon as possible.


Careful recommissioning processes

Once we have safely arrived at your new business premises, all of your IT equipment will be carefully unpacked in a safe and orderly fashioned. We will have a floor plan already laid out so that we will know the exact location where your equipment should be sited, unpacked and recommissioned.

Because we take so much care and attention to properly and systematically label, log and pack your IT equipment, unpacking and reconnecting your system is pretty straightforward. You don't need to worry that your business processes will be out of action for too long because of your move. We make every effort to quickly and efficiently unpack and reconnect your system to get your systems back up and running as quickly as possible.


Why use Restore Technology as your IT Relocation Company?

By using a specialist IT relocation team such as Restore Technology, you can save yourself a lot time, hassle and money by not having to do the job yourself. Our professional business relocation team will take care of all of your difficult and highly detailed tasks very efficiently and carefully.  

We can take the stress, strain and worry out of your successful IT relocation because we have had years of practice doing this for hundreds of businesses that cannot afford mistakes being made or overly long down times that can seriously affect productivity and performance levels.

Placing your IT relocation into our hands will mean that you can focus your attention on the many other important aspects of your upcoming business move. This can mean you getting everything moved and carefully recommissioned without any worries or concerns that can distract you from performing your normal day to day business tasks and activities that keeps your business ticking over.


Comprehensive IT Relocation services

It is important to realise that you need to plan your IT move well in advance of your actual moving date. Many business managers don't realise just how big of a task an IT relocation is. This can mean them allocating an arbitrary and often too short a time limit for their IT department to successfully plan and initiate a safe IT move.

When you know that you have a business premises move on the horizon, it is best to get in touch with our specialist IT relocation team at Restore Technology as soon as possible. Leaving your relocation planning too close to your moving date can be a recipe for disaster. You will end up with a very chaotic move with no careful planning or adequate labelling and packing of sensitive IT equipment.

This is why it makes sense to contact us well in advance of your moving date to allow us to assess the scale of your move and for us to be able to work out a sensible timeline of events for your planned move.

The added benefit of booking our services is that we will consult with you and work closely with your key IT workers to draw up a fully personalised plan for your IT move that best suits your needs and available time frame.

You can hire our services just to perform an IT equipment relocation or you can book our specialist server move services too. If you have never experienced an IT relocation or server move before, the whole process can be very daunting.

If you are feeling overwhelmed at the thought of handling your relocation by yourself or you think that your IT staff lack the knowledge and experience to safely move your equipment, then we can provide you with a key project manager to work with. They will be able to oversee and manage your whole move with great organisation and the minimum of disruption to your work day. This means you don't have to get involved with any aspect of your IT relocation process.


Only hire the professionals

Our dedicated team at Restore Technology are here to help you relocate your IT infrastructure quickly and efficiently with the minimum of disruption and downtime. We absolutely thrive on delivering a top-class professional IT relocation service for your business.

When you are putting your very valuable and sensitive IT equipment into the hands of a professional relocation service provider, you will want to ensure that you are choosing the right company to perform your move. With Restore Technology you simply cannot do better!

We have a long track record of delivering consistently outstanding results and levels of satisfaction from our happy business clients.

Restore Technology only employ the very best staff members that meet with our high standards. What makes us different and sets us apart from our competition is that our staff take the time to listen to our clients. We take the time to get to know you and fully understand your business and how your IT infrastructure works to support you.

Each business we work with can be very different from the last, so we never take any of our IT relocations for granted. We know we have to delve a little deeper to get a true understanding of your needs so that we can create a workable plan of action for your relocation that works for everyone


IT asset disposals

When you are planning a business premises move, this is often a very good time to have a proper sort out and audit of all your accumulated IT equipment. There are many businesses that tend to stockpile old, obsolete and broken IT equipment instead of having a regular asset disposal plan in place. This means that over the years a business can have boxes and cupboards full of old IT equipment, cabling, connection pieces and power cables that are surplus to requirement.

The Restore Technology team can also help you out with the safe and effective disposal of your old and redundant IT equipment assets. We have an end of life secure asset disposal and destruction process in place where we can take your old IT equipment and ensure that any stored sensitive data is completely obliterated. This means you can safely dispose of you old equipment without worrying about any data breach risks from the incorrect disposal of your assets.

Our Restore Technology team of data destruction experts will work closely with your to audit your redundant IT assets and ensure that the secure destruction of your equipment that store any sensitive data. Depending on the type of equipment being disposed of, we will choose the most appropriate method of secure destruction. This may be through physical shredding, punching or degaussing.

We can also offer you the choice of having your spent IT assets securely destroyed either on site so you can get to witness the whole destruction procedure for yourself, or we can safely remove your equipment via our highly trained security team and transportation vehicles to our off site secure destruction facility.


On site and off site data destruction

Depending on the available outdoor space you have to at your business premises, you may prefer to watch the whole IT destruction process in person so you can be reassured that your equipment has been thoroughly destroyed and that there is zero chance of any data breaches occurring.

If your business premises are located in a high-rise building with no outdoor space available to accommodate our mobile shredding vehicles, then you can choose to have your redundant assets picked up by our security team and taken via a tracked security vehicle to our processing facilities.

At no time will your IT assets be left alone or be exposed to possible data breach risks. Your IT assets remain under constant surveillance and protection right from pick up to the very moment that your equipment is fed directly into the jaws of an industrial grade shredding machine.


Discuss your needs with us

All these extra secure IT disposal services can be easily arranged when you talk to Restore Technology about you upcoming business premises move.

We strive to deliver the very best services we can to our business clients and operate a level of flexibility that means we can scale up or scale down our services to perfectly fit your individual needs.  We understand that every business is unique, so we are here to support your IT relocation in the best possible way that suits your needs.

Why not talk to one of our friendly team today about your IT relocation, project management and asset disposal needs. We are here to help!

As well as an IT relocation company, Restore also offer secure shredding servicesrecords management servicesinformation technology asset services and digital transformation services.