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Our state of the art customer service portal

Streams® by Restore Technology

In the interests of providing the highest level of service to our customers, we’ve invested heavily in our own bespoke customer service portal, called Streams®. It’s a sophisticated platform for managing all aspects of service delivery, ensuring your services are fully tracked, easy to access and compliant with all regulations. Take a look below to find out how Streams® can help your business today.

About us

Three Reasons To Use Streams®



Remove regulatory and corporate risk


At Restore Technology we provide full documentation when carrying out a service. These reports and certificates are emailed through to you and can also be found on Streams®, to be checked or downloaded at your convenience. These documents include certificates of collection, waivers of liability, data sanitisation certificates and more. When combining these documents with our comprehensive asset tracking capability, you can be sure that you have verifiable proof of the work you have had carried out. All of the assets we process for you have a full audit trail.


Create custom sustainability reports


Another popular feature of Streams® is the ability to generate your own sustainability report. Our system calculates the environmental benefits of your IT reuse and recycling, and breaks them down in a variety of ways. You can see how much you have recycled in kilograms and how this is broken down by material. You can see how much environmental impact you’ve avoided in terms of CO2 output, air contamination, landfill, and water pollution. We show your equivalent energy saving in terms of the annual energy supply of a typical home, or the annual emissions of a standard car. Lastly we even show how many waste toxins you’ve diverted, from lead to mercury or zinc. These positive achievements can be shared with your staff or clients to show off your good work.


Track your assets and jobs in real time


In a busy work environment it can be difficult to keep track of the equipment that you have, whether it be in use or in storage. With the implementation of GDPR it is especially advisable to identify your assets in order to ascertain which of them may hold sensitive data. By using our services we can ensure all the assets we process for you are fully accounted for, tracked and accessible for you any time. Streams® has been hugely popular with our clients, and we believe it allows us to offer a greater level of service than any of our competitors. It gives you everything you need in one location and is designed to make your life easier. For more information about the service or to see a demonstration of the portal in action, get in touch.




How it works


Streams® uses rules-based logic to create specific disposition paths for each unit, with different options for key activities like data sanitisation and preparation for final disposition – redeployment, remarketing, recycling, donation, lease returns, OEM trade-ins etc. Each business unit will be able to specify the disposal paths suitable for its individual requirements; remarketing, redeployment, donation, or recycling. Streams® is controlled by a dynamic decision-tree which ensures that all stage gates, SLAs, quality requirements and specific asset-related processes are carried out on a continuous, measurable basis.


More benefits




Automated Processing


Streams® evaluates each asset for data security requirements and potential for reuse as part of the process that occurs within our secure facilities. Individual client business rules are coded into Streams® and are a detailed set of instructions that determines how assets are to be processed. Streams® builds an asset register for each job with individual asset records containing the following information: make, model, configuration, serial number, asset tag, tested functional and cosmetic condition, a data sanitisation verification log and a designated path for final disposition (remarketing, redeployment, recycling etc).



Secure web-portal


Restore Technology will provide secure access to Streams® Management System which manages all service requests from end-to-end and delivers automated and on-demand reporting that is fully customisable on all aspects of the collection, processing, data destruction, redeployment and recycling of client equipment. Our clients are able to track the movement of all assets and will have access to inventory management tools to generate redeployment orders in real-time.





Restore Technology provide a wide range of management reports to our clients in the format of their choice. Reporting options includes:

• Automated reports directed to specific contacts initiated by event or time-period
• On-demand reporting accessible by nominated employees in Streams® web-portal
• A.P.I. interfaces allowing our clients to securely draw data directly into its own systems

Standard reports include inventory, data sanitisation and compliance. Customised reporting can be created upon request.