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IT disposal services
for government &
Local authorities

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Restore works with 80 government departments and 55% of local authorities





Leading IT disposal for the government sector


Procurement can be a difficult process for public sector organisations, requiring services which meet stringent budgetary and regulatory requirements. Fortunately procuring IT disposal services need not be so difficult. Reputable ITAD providers have the expertise and capability to dispose of IT assets in total security, and where the outgoing assets have residual value, they can be resold to return a rebate to you.


it disposal for government organisations



On-site or off-site
Secure, compliant, tracked

We also provide full WEEE recycling.




Track your assets
Improve your processes

We also offer IT refreshes
and secure storage.



Money back for your IT
Simple & eco friendly

For older assets, try our
IT recycling service,



Any size & scale
UK and Europe

We also move servers
and data centres.





laptop data protection



How to dispose of your IT safely

Resale & rebate

Government and local authorities can benefit significantly from this service, which allows them to recoup value from the equipment they no longer need. The service is quite simple, and involves an ITAD provider collecting the assets from your location before transporting them back to a secure facility using GPS-tracked vehicles. Next, each and every data bearing device will be cleared of data using industry approved software to guarantee 100% data erasure. Then the items will be prepared for resale, using a variety of channels to maximise the revenue, before a rebate is delivered to you at the end of the agreement.


A good ITAD provider will have strong, demonstrable experience working with public sector organisations, and should have a range of industry accreditations to demonstrate they have been vetted and found to be carrying out their services at a high standard. For IT disposition, the ADISA accreditation is a core industry accreditation scheme for those companies who carry out IT asset disposal.

A company meeting these requirements will provide, as a matter of course, documentation such as inventory reports and certificates of destruction, both to give you peace of mind and ensure your regulatory and audit requirements are satisfied.




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We are the UK's leading ITAD provider, operating some of the most advanced facilities in our industry. We are highly secure, and offer a range of highly cost-effective IT solutions.





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Restore Technology worked with the MSP’s project team to define the end-to-end service framework.


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