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Frequently Asked Questions

Pre Service

What can I put in to the shredding bags/bins?

Here at Restore Datashred we want to make the shredding process as simple as possible for you so there is no need to remove any staples, paperclips or small bulldog clips and if you really want to, you can place your lever arch files straight in to the container. All paper items such as books, magazines, newspapers and any documentation that contains confidential data i.e. Names, addresses or identifiable markers can be placed into the sack or container. We kindly ask that any non-paper items (such as disks or ID badges) are stored separately so they can be processed accordingly. Please email Customer Hub who will be able to help you with any additional requirements

Can I put my old CDs/ DVDs and floppy disks in with the paper?

We ask that all media items including disks, hard drives and electrical equipment are stored separately in easily identifiable containers, ready for the necessary destruction and recycling process. If this is the first time you have had any non paper items to destroy please speak to your Account Manager, our Customer Hub or one of our sales team for advice. 

How often can you service our site?

We provide a wide range of service options to suit your requirements. We currently offer our services (subject to location) from daily all the way to an ad hoc service. The most common services are weekly, fortnightly and 4 weekly. Most customers chose a regular service to ensure compliance with GDPR requirements. Please speak to the sales team on 0800 376 4422 for further information.

Where will my collection note go?

Collection notes are sent to an email address chosen by you prior to the collection taking place. Collection notes are also available through our online Customer Portal. If the person receiving these leaves, please inform our Customer Hub so we can update this for you.

My collection has not taken place?

Occasionally due to factors beyond our control a visit could be missed. We will do our very best to inform you as soon as we are aware of an issue. We will rebook at a convenient time. Please bear in mind that many of our Depots are able to offer early morning or out of hours collections, which may be more suitable to your working environment. 

How can I recognise a Restore Datashred SCO?

All of our Secure Collection Operatives will be in full Restore Datashred branded uniform with their ID badge. Should you require any specific information prior to the SCO attending site please contact your servicing depot.

What time are you going to arrive?

Your service will take place on the date agreed. We will work to accommodate any specific site requirements as best possible with prior notice, however due to many factors in transport and logistics we cannot give exact times.

How can I check when my next visit is?

You can download your service schedule for the next 12 months from our Customer Portal, or alternatively speak to our Customer Hub

How long will the collection take?

The time it will take to carry out a full collection will vary depending on the amount you are having collected and whether your service is being carried out on or off-site.  For example, emptying 10 Consoles from around your offices should take around 20-30 minutes.  We will try to advise where possible how long we estimate it will take.

What happens if the collection is due on a Bank Holiday?

We do not work bank holidays and the vast majority of our Customer sites are also closed, your depot will organise an alternative date that falls either side of the bank holiday.

Can we miss the next visit as we haven’t produced much recently?

Customers with a contracted service have had their pricing based on the agreed visits per year and the visits built into our routing system. All contracted visits are chargeable.

I have extra material for shredding, will you collect it on the next visit?

We will always try to accommodate extra material on a scheduled visit depending on the volume to be collected. We ask that you provide us with details of extra material well in advance so we can ensure we have space on our vehicle to collect.

I need some bins for a clear-out is this possible?

o    We can help you with any additional requirements in addition to your scheduled service. This may be extra bins or self-seal bags. Please contact our Customer Hub who will be able to organise this for you.

I dropped something in a container that I need out – what should I do?

Most customers will have a master key at site, however if this is not the case please contact the Customer Hub and we can discuss the best way to retrieve the item.

Can I set up a direct debit to keep admin simple?

Our Customer Hub/Sales teams can set you up on a Direct Debit. This is often the most efficient method for all parties.

Post service

When will I receive my certificate of destruction?

Your Certificate of Destruction will be sent electronically once the documents have been destroyed. Certificates of Destruction are also available to download from the Customer Portal.

How long after collection will be data be destroyed?

The destruction of confidential material will take place within a maximum of one working day from arrival at our secure depot. All depots are secure with CCTV, access control and alarms.

Can I get a monthly report of what has been collected?

We can set up an automated monthly report to be emailed or you can download this report from our Customer Portal.

Can I have an environmental report?

Your environmental report forms part of our monthly collection report, this report will show you how many trees have been saved as well as the amount of energy and water which has been saved by using our service.

Do you have an on line Customer portal I can log in to?

We do have an online Customer Portal which is available to all of our Customers. If you require information on how to set this up please contact our Customer Hub

What happens to paper once it’s been shredded?

All of the shredded paper is baled and 100% recycled. The majority is used to make products such as toilet paper, kitchen roll and tissue paper; some is used in a full closed loop to make 100% recycled office paper.

Is everything recycled?

At Restore Datashred we have a zero to landfill policy; we will look at all materials and find the best way to reuse or recycle once the data from them has been fully destroyed.

Do I have an account manager?

Please contact our Customer Hub who will be able to put you in touch with an account manager.

We gave you something to shred by mistake – what can we do?

Please contact your main contact at the earliest possible point. We will do our best to help retrieve anything given to us by mistake but we cant guarantee that it hasn’t already been shredded.

Shred info

Do you only shred paper?

We destroy any material required by our customers. Common items other than paper include Old uniform; ID Cards; off Spec Products;  Counterfeit Goods; Hard Drives; Laptops; Phones; CDs; DVDs; Memory Sticks; Redundant Pharmaceutical Packaging.

What size shred do you shred to?

We shred as standard to the EN15713 security standards which as a maximum size is 16mm cross cut, however our depot shredders are often a lot smaller than this.

What DIN level is the paper shred to?

DIN levels are a German national shred standard often associated with office shredders which is superseded by the European standard of EN15713. Our shredding machines are capable of shredding up to 10 tonnes of paper per hour at our depots and 2 tonnes per hour in our On site shredding lorries .

What shredding standard do you shred to as standard?

We shred to the EN15713 Security standards.

Do you shred to CPNI?

We have the capability to shred to all sizes of paper including to disintegration. Any non standard requirements should be discussed in advance with your Sales Person/Account Manager.

Can you shred Hard Drives on site?

We are able to offer a nationwide service for the destruction of hard drives, for both on-site and off site shredding. Our newest on-site shredding vehicles are equipped to be able to shred both your paper records and hard drives in one visit.

We have old Uniform to destroy can you do this for us?

Yes – We have a number of destruction routes available for clothing and uniform please speak to your Sales person or Account manager for pricing and further information.

Do you collect and destroy redundant WEEE?

We can destroy or fully recycle any old WEEE items dependent on your requirements.

Product info

What size are the bins?

We offer a range of sizes in our standard bins to suit all environments – BINS

However we are happy to discuss any bespoke requirements you may have.

How much does a cabinet/bin hold?

Please click the link BINS

Can you provide a key?

We work with our customers individually to ascertain if a key is required when a bin is delivered, we ask for a contact name at site to take responsibility as the key holder. We do have a process for extra keys that are required- please contact the Customer Hub for details.

Do you have different colour consoles?

Our consoles come in a range of standard colours but we can offer bespoke requirements, subject to quantity requirements. 

What type of secure sacks do you provide?

As standard we provide self seal paper sacks for our shredding service as these are the most environmentally friendly, these have been heavily tested for strength and security. We do still offer hessian sacks on request.

How much does a sack hold?

A sack should hold no more than 12.5kgs to ensure health and safety of both our staff and your staff.

Is there an alternative to using a sack for one off purges?

We offer a one time use Shredbox available as an alternative to sacks, however for larger purges we can supply high capacity wheeled containers or a secure 30 cubic metre enclosed container. Please speak with your sales person or account manager with any further questions on these.

Company information

What accreditations do you hold?

We hold multiple Accreditations required by both law and to ensure we are leaders in the field of Data Shredding.

Can I see your Waste Carriers licence?

Yes, please request a copy from our Customer Hub

Are you GDPR compliant?

We are a fully GDPR compliant company and have built this into the Ts & Cs of our newer Customer service agreements.

National coverage?

We have 13 shred Locations that cover the whole of Great Britain and Ireland with our own fully vetted staff and vehicles.

Can we visit your destruction centre?

You can book an appointment with your Salesperson/Account manager to view our shredding process.

What size are the vehicles?

We use vehicles of various sizes around the country, if you have any issues getting larger vehicle near to building please let us know in advance so we can try and route a smaller vehicle.

Do you have any ISO accreditations?

We currently hold ISO 9001; 14001 & 27001 as part of our Accreditations

Are your staff vetted?

All staff employed are vetted to a minimum of BS7858 security standards, however due to the nature of some of our collections we have many enhanced clearance including CTC and SC for specific sites.

Can I get an annual duty of care?

As standard you will get an annual Duty of Care package when you become a customer of Restore Datashred.

Do you adhere to the modern slavery act 2015?

Yes  - please email Customer Hub if you require a copy of this.

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