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We know that multiple stakeholders, exit deadlines, and budgets can conspire to make this a daunting prospect.

Together with our sister business, Harrow Green, who are relocation experts, we can take the logistical challenges and sheer hard labour of moving off your hands, all the while ensuring the security of your business’ data and office environment.

We will organise the removal and compliant disposal of IT assets, server rooms, paper and digital media, furniture and fittings, leaving you free to manage the demands of your legal, HR and facilities management teams.

This allows you to focus on your core business functions while our team takes care of the relocation logistics. Free your legal, HR, and facilities teams to manage their crucial tasks without the burden of a complex move.

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Secure office clearance services for your business

Off-site shredding

The simple, reliable solution to disposing of confidential paper waste, and other materials. Our secure operatives will deliver lockable bins to your premises. These are then collected by our secure team who log each bin into the electronic audit trail and transport your materials for shredding to Restore Datashred.

IT asset destruction

Hard drives from servers and personal computers can be safely collected in the same way as paper, and destroyed, data and all, so that metals and plastics can be recycled. Through the process, we guarantee your sensitive information stays safe until the point of obliteration.

Paper recycling

We are planet positive in our values and ways of working. By using off-site shredding for your office clearance, the process is up to 68% lower in carbon emissions. Plus our commitment to 0% of shredded materials going to landfill, and 100% of paper shreds going to be recycled makes for a good news story!

Business relocation and office clearance services

IT asset recycling and destruction

Whether you choose to shred hard drives with Restore Datashred, or re-purpose (after cleansing) for donating or fully recycling component parts, we guarantee your IT assets’ safe removal and that we will prevent any sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands.

Office clearance

Our experienced team can move furniture, IT equipment and office waste in the correct streams for recycling or re-use, and off your site. We work with you to understand the items for waste, recycling, and re-use before we start and will provide you with a detailed report afterwards, so you can see that we have fulfilled our 0% to landfill company policy.

Furniture recycling

Harrow Green is proud of its track record of planet- and community-positive activities. For no-longer-needed furniture and assets, you might consider our Re-fresh programme, these obsolete items are donated to charities, schools, community and voluntary groups, and start-ups. Each year, Harrow Green donates – through the generosity of our customers – over 3,000 tonnes of no-longer-needed assets via this route.

What our customers tell us…

"From start to finish, you have been so helpful, kept me informed of progress and have basically taken the pressure off me in what is turning into a stressful operation getting out of this building!" Trevor Thomas, Relocation Project Manager, Jones Lang LaSall

Project management

As sister businesses in the Restore Group of office services providers, we share the same values, as well as market-leading experience and accreditations. We will choose a team of Restore Datashred and Restore Harrow Green operatives, with move managers as your point of contact, who will join you on site to make sure we select the correct method of removal or destruction for every item or asset. As your project managers, we work together to help you vacate your premises with the minimum of fuss and maximum efficiency.

Restore Harrow Green

Our expert team will clear furniture and IT assets away to storage, before distributing either for recycling or donating to local community start-ups and charities. We’re fully insured and will clean the vacated areas for you, too.

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Restore Datashred

We supply secure cabinets, boxes, and wheelie bins for loading with confidential waste, ready for disposal off site. For substantial collections, we provide roll-on/roll-off containers that swallow up tonnes of paper and other materials to be securely shredded.

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