Shredding cabinets and consoles

Here's what makes them perfect for your office

Discreet security for confidential documents: Restore Datashred secure cabinets and consoles


Maintain a professional workspace while ensuring the highest level of security for your confidential documents with Restore Datashred’s secure cabinets and consoles. These stylish and functional solutions seamlessly integrate into any office environment.


Key benefits

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Each console features a robust locking mechanism and a deposit slot to prevent unauthorised access. Additionally, the secure floor discourages tampering attempts.

Hassle free

The interior compartment holds a secure sack for document collection. The sack is easily accessible for employees and held securely in place with clips for added peace of mind.

Wide variety

Choose from a variety of console sizes and colours to find the perfect fit for your workspace, employee numbers and document volume.

Safeguard your sensitive information with our secure confidential shredding bins

Every business accumulates confidential documents. From employee records to financial statements, these documents contain vital information that must be protected from unauthorised access. Improper disposal can lead to data breaches, identity theft, and significant financial penalties.

Our range of secure shredding consoles




Additional benefits

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Effortless collection and secure storage

Employees can easily deposit confidential documents through the console’s deposit slot directly into the designated sack. Once full, the sack can be removed for shredding using the included clips that keep it securely fastened within the console, preventing unauthorised access to the contents.

Assurance your confidential information remains protected

Each console features a robust locking mechanism complete with a key for optimum security. This ensures only authorised personnel have access to the documents deposited. Combined with the high-strength nylon material and tamper-resistant clips, the consoles provide a complete security solution for disposing of sensitive documents at the point of origin.

High-capacity, discreet disposal

Our consoles feature spacious interiors that accommodate large, durable nylon sacks capable of holding up to 40kg of confidential paper maximising efficiency in busy environments. The discreet design of the console keeps the sack out of sight, maintaining a professional aesthetic in your workspace.

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