Branded product destruction

Stay in control of your brand

That’s why, from textiles to plastics and metals, we’ll shred your branded products, ensuring safe, secure destruction.

No matter the material – textiles, plastics – we shred branded products securely.

Information leaks and data breaches can erode trust and damage your brand image. Our secure shredding services minimise the risk of negative publicity and reputational harm.

  • Uniforms, identity badges and passes
  • Marketing materials, brochures, headed paper and business cards
  • Faulty products and damaged goods
  • Prototypes
  • Fake CDs and DVDs, counterfeit products
  • Counterfeit clothing, handbags and accessories
  • Product samples
  • Production run-ons

Secure chain of custody

As with all our shredding services, you’ll receive a certificate of destruction after each transaction.

Secure destruction

Our team uses state-of-the art equipment to shred your products into tiny pieces with the highest levels of security, making salvage or resale impossible.

About us

Peace of mind

Whether it’s obsolete items, products that have fallen below standards or counterfeit goods that you want to stop coming to market, secure destruction removes the risk.

Our security

Environmental benefits

Once destroyed, we’ll recycle all the shreds, reducing the amount of waste going to landfill, while helping to reduce your environmental impact and carbon footprint.

ESG journey

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