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In a hurry? Try our secure 48-hour service

48-hour shredding: fast, secure data destruction services

You don’t want sensitive data falling into the wrong hands through a failure to comply with data protection regulations.

Our nationwide coverage means we are local to you, wherever you are, and we can arrange a secure collection – subject to availability – within a 48-hour window. No problem.

Our secure collection operatives will transport your confidential materials to the secure destruction centre closest to you for off-site shredding, followed by a swiftly dispatched certificate of destruction.

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How Swift Shred off-site shredding works

Keeping your confidential materials secure

One of our secure collection operatives will deliver a secure, lockable cabinet, console or wheelie bin to your site or sites, at a pre-agreed time to suit you. In that way, all confidential materials – from paper to hard drives to textiles – enter the secure disposal stream and not the general waste.

Secure collection at a time to suit you

Our uniformed and vetted secure collection operative will arrive promptly at your business or organisation 48 hours later to collect all your confidential materials. They will show their ID to one of your team to sign in, start the unbroken chain of custody, and then unobtrusively collect all the bins required.

We lock all collected bins safely into our vehicle

All the locked bins are logged and taken directly to our vehicle where we lock them inside. Our secure collection operative then drives the GPS-tracked truck or van to the Restore Datashred destruction centre closest to you. Every step of the journey is electronically recorded, creating an audit trail and proof of an unbroken chain of custody, for your peace of mind.

We promptly shred your confidential materials

There’s no hanging around. After each shredding transaction we will send you both a waste transfer notice and, on completion, a certificate of destruction for your records. It’s that simple.

What we shred

While paper records, documents and cardboard folders form the majority of what we shred, a significant percentage includes textiles – such as uniforms – hard drives, ID cards and other plastic and digital media. Ask us if we can shred it, and there’s a strong chance that we do!

Why you should use Swift Shred

  • All our colleagues are trained and security checked, in line with BS7858 and our own guidelines
  • All our accreditations are worked towards, achieved and maintained
  • Our fleet of modern vehicles is GPS-tracked and monitored by traffic and driving/environmental standards software
  • Every transaction is backed by an electronic audit trail that proves the chain of custody and allows you to follow your confidential material through to the point of disposal
  • Our destruction centres are guarded around the clock by CCTV cameras and passworded entry protocols
  • We promptly provide a certificate of destruction after every shred.

Maximise efficiency for cost-effectiveness

Our large fleet of trucks and vans is modern and up-to-date and we are in transition to alternative fuels such as electric batteries, particularly for city-centre use. In addition, bespoke traffic management software makes for shorter routes, shorter idling times, and maximised number of collections per journey. What does this mean for the Restore Datashred customer? A more efficient and cost-effective off-site shredding service.

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Help reduce your environmental impacts

By choosing Swift Shred you are working more efficiently towards meeting your business’ environmental goals and sending your materials to off-site shredding is up to 68% lower in carbon emissions. This is achieved through an efficient, modern fleet, operatives trained in efficient driving techniques, new management software that tracks and routes our vehicles so there’s less idling time, and state-of-the-art shredding machines. Plus we commit to 0% of shredded materials to landfill, and 100% of paper shreds to be recycled – a good news story.

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