Secure shredding sacks

Secure shredding sacks are the perfect solution for your business

Restore Datashred provides secure, easy to use and environmentally-friendly paper shredding services to all our customers.


These sacks can be passed into the shredder without opening, making them a convenient, secure option for you. By using these paper sacks, you can be sure your confidential documents are disposed of sustainably.

Here’s why Restore Datashred confidential shredding sacks are the
perfect solution for your business
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Ideal for one-off jobs, clear outs or small jobs that require flexible sack options.

A three-way security seal to help prevent tampering.

Sack proof security spotting adding an additional layer of security to your confidential data.

Security guranteed: from paper sack to shredder, we protect your confidential waste

Our all-new security-printed shredding paper sacks can hold around 12.5kg of confidential data for shredding and recycling. You can rest easy knowing that once the sack is full and sealed shut, the whole item and its contents can be put into our shredders, without the sack having to be opened.

Secure shredding sacks

Need a temporary solution for secure document disposal? Restore Datashred’s shredding sacks offer a convenient and reliable way to collect and store confidential documents before shredding.

Individual tracking codes

Each shredding sack boasts a unique tracking code, allowing you to monitor the location of your confidential documents from collection to shredding. This added layer of security provides peace of mind knowing your data remains under control.

Your sacks, our collection

For ultimate peace of mind, all Restore Datashred shredding sacks are collected by our own team of secure collection operatives. This ensures a seamless and secure chain of custody for your confidential documents, from the moment they enter the sack until their complete destruction.

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