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Restore Datashred
Legal Sector
Restore Datashred
Legal Sector

Helping the legal sector with compliance

When it comes to choosing a supplier key indicators for legal firms of any size or specialisation are speed and customer service excellence, as these are both elements that underpin your own client relationships and fee structures.

At Restore Datashred we work with many different legal businesses, so we also understand that reputation can be a fragile thing and that it is best nurtured and protected by helping you uphold your clients’ confidence in your team. Our swift, discreet services help you do just that by maintaining the strictest confidentiality.

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Restore Datashred work with a range of leading legal firms in the UK

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Restore Datashred specialise in offering bespoke secure shredding services to the legal sector

We tailor our data shredding services to suit each individual firm for maximum efficiency. We set up collection schedules and processes that guarantee the safe passage of your confidential information from office or storage facility to shredder blade and on into recycling; processes and safeguards that are designed to prevent data breaches and the potentially ruinous fines and reputational damage that go with them.

But there are challenges

Despite the digital revolution, legal firms still generate vast quantities of paper and can find themselves drowning if they don’t get a firm grip on managing it – the end game being a properly implemented Retention and Disposal Policy.

In the era of GDPR and heightened corporate social responsibility, secure data shredding plays a major role in helping you dispose of your legally sensitive information at the end of its statutory shelf life, in the most responsible and sustainable ways possible. Working with a professional data shredding business like Restore Datashred we can help with the destruction of all your sensitive documents, WEEE and any media items you may have. Our full range of flexible service is a big step towards achieving compliance and meeting your social and environmental responsibilities.

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The Restore Datashred promise

We are committed to minimising our impact on the environment wherever possible and, as such, have implemented robust environmental targets. In the past three years we have reduced our fuel usage by 25% and are proud to boast a zero-landfill policy. We have a fleet of over 200 HGV’s which in the main comply with Euro 6 emissions standard.

Your security and confidentiality are our priority. We work closely with our customers to ensure that the highest standards of data protection are maintained. We provide a safe and secure solution for the shredding of confidential materials, including paper documents, archive records, ID cards, uniforms, hard drives, CDs, USB sticks and legacy media.

How Restore Datashred services meet those challenges

Secure cabinets and bins

A range of secure lockable cabinets and bins, as well as security sacks and ties, to keep your paper assets safe on site.

On-site mobile shredding vehicles

Our specialised on-site shredding vehicles are equipped with the latest on-board shredding technology, ensuring the complete destruction of your confidential data and other media in front of your own eyes.


Off-site data shredding centres

with state of the art machinery our fully secure shredding centres provide secure environment for all data to be shredded off-site.

Trained, vetted security operatives

Our team is trained and vetted to standard BS5878, ensuring that your confidential data is handled safely and securely at all times.


Secure audit trail

Unbroken chain of custody from a secure audit trail with a promptly supplied certificate of destruction for your records and to show your clients.

12 state-of-the-art data shredding centres

Our estate of 12 state-of-the-art data shredding centres around the country, and large fleet of 300 vehicles.



Making sure we handle data professionally, securely and strictly in line with current and future data protection regulations is the cornerstone of all our businesses.

Environment friendly

We help you meet your sustainability targets by recycling all shredded paper and providing Environmental Reports that show how much energy, water and woodland you have saved by choosing responsible, secure data shredding.


I am really happy with the service and the process which you give assurance to your customers of how many sacks picked up for shredding, certification of destruction, and prompt documentation. What really impressed me the most was the information regarding General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) on your website?

I was looking for guarantees that all our service providers and data processors had robust procedures in place, to ensure secure handling, retention and destruction of our info. Your extensive knowledge of GDPR and the fact you wanted to impart that knowledge to customers and anyone else is great. I learnt a few things and felt assured that as a data processor, you are handling our legal paperwork safely and securely.

Additional benefits

  • We are the only data shredding business in the UK with the ServiceMark award from the Institute of Customer Service
  • Restore Datashred is serious about security for your confidential data – we are BS EN15713:2009 accredited, so your assets will be treated with the respect they deserve
  • We are a preferred supplier to The Solicitors Group, the UK’s largest legal and events training company.

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