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We currently shred 100,000 tonnes of material a year…

The best way to keep tabs on your assets, from creation to obsolescence, is to work with a professional document management company that is skilled and experienced at handling and tracking data in paper and digital formats. Here at Restore Datashred we are the final link in a fully managed chain of custody, the one where we guarantee highly secure, audited disposal through our shredding machines with a certificate of destruction to prove it.

Onsite shredding

Our service

Our 12 shredding centres across the UK destroy hundreds of tonnes of paper, digital media and textiles every day. A number of these centres offer more specialised services, such as a ‘roll on, roll off’ bulk container collection at our Yorkshire centre, mobile on-site shredding vehicles only at our Cuffley centre in Hertfordshire, or large-scale operations in South London, Cardiff and Manchester.

What they all have in common is outstanding service, security and people. Find out more about why customers choose Restore Datashred here and don’t delay. We’ve got hungry shredders to feed!

WHY shred?

Whether you’re clearing out your personal home files of bank statements, council tax bills or school letters, or are a major conglomerate with regular disposal requirements, one thing is certain: you don’t want your confidential information – or company logos, marketing and branded collateral – to fall into sinister hands.

You will also want to remain compliant with the GDPR and DPA 2018 data protection regulations, whose ICO-led fines are growing in size and quantity as those regulations start to bed in.

WHAT do we shred?

Paper, hard drives, CDs, legacy media, ID cards, textiles, uniforms and other branded items.

WHAT do we do with the shreds?

We recycle them! We always aim for 0% landfill, so paper goes to make more paper – which you can buy back as part of our award-winning closed loop scheme – and textiles are baled and sent for further processing to become refuse derived fuel (RDF).

But we’ve always got room for more!

The blades of our state-of-the-art machines are constantly hungry and we have plenty of capacity to take on more paper and shreddable materials…


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