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Document Management Services – Your Digital Transformation Starts with Us

As part of the largest UK-owned management company, Restore services 4,000 small, medium and blue chip-sized companies from over 100 scanning hubs, storage facilities and shredding facilities the length and breadth of the UK. We boast an impressive scanning capacity of 800M pages a year and shred and recycle over 500 tonnes of material every week.

Restore Digital provides award winning document management services and business process outsourcing solutions, helping your business strengthen customer relationships, improve productivity and drive down costs. We are focused on helping you meet your business objectives through delivery of new mobile and collaborative automation and digitisation technologies.

Let’s work together.

Find the right document management services for your business

Whether you're looking to convert your paper records to a fully searchable digital database, or require a complete digital mailroom solution, our document management services and solutions can help kick-start your digital transformation:

  • Digital Mailroom
    Digitally capture all incoming correspondence, and route it to the right person automatically with a digital mailroom solution tailored for your business.
  • Accounts Payable and Invoice Processing
    Automatically match and validate incoming invoices to streamline your accounts payable process whilst seamlessly integrating with your existing systems.
  • Insurance Claim Processing
    Automate your claims process, boost efficiency and improve customer service with an intelligent solution linked directly into your existing infrastructure.
  • Professional Consultancy
    Our professional service teams can work standalone or can fully integrate with your own project delivery teams maximising business value.
  • Managed Document Solutions
    Take control of your information assets with a fully managed document solution.  Access files instantly whilst meeting the latest legislative requirements.
  • Document Scanning Software
    We provide industry leading software solutions through our long term partners ensuring your business only uses the best.
  • Outsourced Mailroom
    As a business process outsourcing (BPO) specialist, we can take care of your mailroom so you can concentrate on running your business.
  • Document Scanning
    Reduce storage costs and access your information easily whilst meeting latest compliance regulations.  Safe, secure and efficient.
  • Medical Record Scanning
    With years of healthcare experience, we can safely and securely manage your paper medical records, converting them digitally with no room for error.
  • Outsourced Accounts Payable and Invoice Processing
    Our flexible service can manage multiple tasks including scanning, matching, validating and approvals, providing you the ability to transform your process.
  • Microform Scanning
    Using specialist film scanners, we can unlock the knowledge contained within your microfilm archives, making them easy to access and view.
  • Robotic Process Automation
    If your business is using labour on a large scale to process work that’s high volume and highly transactional, RPA software could benefit you significantly.

Digital processing to support GDPR compliance

To help you ensure that your paper records don’t fall foul of the regulation, we have a team of experienced document management consultants and digital specialists on hand to help you fully understand the impact of GDPR on your organisation. We'll help you identify gaps and formulate a roadmap for compliance that will not just remove the uncertainty around the changes, but enable you to deliver better outcomes, build trust with your customers and significantly reduce any associated risks

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