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InsuranceInsurance Industry

The insurance industry has the unshakable image of stacks, upon stacks of paper files. And while there is definite progress to rethink workflows and become more agile and flexible in insurance business models, there is no getting around the amount of archive paper files that still exist.

With GDPR pressures it’s increasingly important to know all your data, and hence many insurance companies are turning to digital solutions, including scanning, as a way of auditing and organising all the data it holds. This includes micro film and micro fiche files.

Coupled with almost continuous regulatory and legislative change, having digital workflows and back office systems enables the insurance industry to track customer legacy records, improve future workflows, and increase efficiency while decreasing bottom line costs.

Services Offered

Digital mailroomsDigital Mailrooms

All inbound correspondence, post, email, fax, web etc, is pushed into one central system. Any hard copy documents are scanned, then categorised and tagged so that our software can automatically push the information to the correct people.

We worked with the FSA to provide a complete digital mailroom solution for handling its inbound communications for one million live and 500,000 new cases a year. In the first year alone, we processed 30 million sheets of inbound paper, and five million emails, as well as ten million of live case files.

Scanning to archiveScanning to Archive

The digitalisation of case files allows instant access to key information, which can in turn aid quick decision making and responses to clients. It also facilitates the auditing of information required by GDPR, allowing you to perform a gap analysis and take the necessary measures to ensure internal governance and control of data is robust.

Restore appreciates the tendency to keep paper files in storage indefinitely to be on the safe side, but GDPR forces us not to keep information longer than necessary, so digitalising this archive allows legal practices to identify the contents in legacy storage and verify where they fall in the scope of legislation. The term ‘dark boxes’ is getting increasingly used, to reflect boxes whose contents are unknown and contravene GDPR.

Fiche/Film ScanningFiche/Film Scanning

Our cost-effective microfilm and microfiche scanning services help unlock the knowledge contained within microform archives, ensuring the value of the data is returned to your organisation.

Using specialist film scanners, we can capture the images making them available to view, distribute and store in more accessible forms. As a further enhancement the images can be run through an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) process, facilitating a keyword search facility for the end user.

At Restore Digital, we use our premium quality microfilm, microfiche and aperture scanners to convert the data into PDF, JPEG, or other digital formats as required.

Key benefits of digitalisation

  • Reduction in storage costs and space
  • Compliance and clear audit trails
  • Enhanced customer service as information can be accessed quicker
  • Data transparency and accuracy
  • Ease of access to records
  • Improved disaster recovery and data security
  • Reduced reliance on paper and associated environmental benefits

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Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance London Management Case Study

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