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Managing the information challenge for Insurers

New claims, detailed reports and the latest financial information produce boxes of paper and hard drives full of digital data every day.

You can rest assured that our knowledge of compliance procedures – including changing data protection regulations – our security protocols and processes and our near and deep storage facilities across the country are ready to take on your data challenge.

We also understand your industry’s need for both instant access and long-term compliance and work to deliver a complete records management service that puts you firmly in control of all aspects of your business.

What we offer…

  • Security: 24-hour secure entry systems and CCTV; GPS-tracked vehicles, vetted drivers and operatives at every stage; ultra secure deep storage, latest dessicant technology for humidity control and specialist racking are some of the ways we can tailor our service to you.
  • Software: our bespoke on-site file and asset tracking system, Dovetail, is a single management hub, which ensures the correct levels of access, privacy and security and increases productivity by up to 25%. Dovetail interfaces beautifully with your existing management systems and blends seamlessly with our own O’Neil’s software. What’s more, it’s free to our customers and we come and set it up so it’s right for your business.

The benefits for you…

  • Instant access accounts: customer data, transactions, claims, medical and police reports and underwriting commentaries – you need the information and you need it now. Whether digital data or paper records, we can get it back to you at the touch of a button or from a phone call.
  • Disaster recovery plan: back up is the pillar of any plan to get a company back on its feet if it comes under viral or physical attack. We provide automated, expertly monitored on-site hard drive storage, as well as off-site back up to disc or tape, and Cloud storage. Our back-up systems automatically save electronic transactions to our secure servers, giving you desktop access and peace of mind.
  • Money-saving: just because you’re our customer doesn’t mean we stop giving you the best service. We proactively analyse your storage patterns, for example, to find ways to save space and money – whether that’s new archive boxes or a programme of destruction – and, on our management accounts and invoices, will highlight these cost savings.
  • Complete compliance: our Dovetail and O’Neil’s software programs flag up retention deadlines well in advance so we can destroy paper and digital data swiftly and securely. We understand the need for continued confidentiality, even when paper is shredded or discs wiped, which is why we provide auditable trails and Certificates of Destruction.
  • Trust and confidence: you may find you can’t manage the sheer churn rate of data, staying abreast of changing regulations and end-of-life requirements without Restore working as your records management partner…

Complete our quick quote form or contact one of our knowledgeable, expert account managers to find out more about our high-security, personalised records management services specifically adapted to the insurance sector.