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Commercial Shredding
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Commercial Shredding

Don’t drown in paper, media or textiles. If you’ve got volume to dispose of responsibly, we can help.

If you’ve got volume, we can help…

· Roll on/roll off high capacity containers – for large-scale clear outs, these secure containers sit at your site while you fill them.

· Hi-tech mobile shredding vehicles – for regular or highly confidential collections, our mobile shredders can destroy your data in seconds, while you watch.

· Bins, consoles and cabinets – for businesses requiring regular collections, our ranges are discreet and design-conscious.

· Self-sealing shred sacks – for smaller, one-off collections or for home workers, both sack and contents are shredded in our cutting edge machines.

Here at Restore Datashred we can service all sizes of collection because, as a UK-wide business, we’ve got the scale.

Why commercial shredding?

Commercial shredding should figure large in any end-to-end information management lifecycle programme. It’s the final piece in the chain, for total confidence and complete GDPR compliance, so you can reassure your internal stakeholders and customers that their confidential data is absolutely safe.

Restore Datashred is one of the UK’s largest providers of confidential commercial shredding services. In 2019, we made more than 500,000 secure collections from business and private premises across the country.


There’s no end to the type of data and materials we can handle securely, and in any quantity, for your peace of mind. Try us with:

· customer and supplier lists · back up tapes · hard drives · USB sticks · financial records · contracts · product development documentation · HR and medical records · corporate uniforms · ID cards · computer printouts · marketing collateral – including material with mistakes · old invoices

From kilos through to tonnes, you can count on us to uphold the security and confidentiality of your data and materials at all times.

Why commercial shredding with Restore Datashred?

From one of our dedicated shredding centres we offer capacity, nationwide coverage and the scale that makes mincemeat of commercial-scale shredding! Our teams have all the training and experience, backed up by our hard work to attain and maintain accreditations and standards, you require (see for full details).

In addition, our commercial shredding means we are large contributors to the recycling industry – both paper and IT assets. It’s important to us that you can trust us to stick to our environmental policy of sending 0% to landfill.

Not only that, through your personalised Environmental Report that you access via our customer portal after every shred, you can prove to all those who should know how much you have saved in terms of water, trees and CO2 emissions – a strong message to communicate, we think.

Find out how we can help you shift large quantities of confidential commercial materials with no fuss, no bother and 0% landfill, by calling our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team on 0800 376 4422.