Case Studies

Case Studies

Discover how we assisted CHP in protecting their confidential information and helped to improve their sustainability goals.

CHP Case Study

The Customer

Community Health Partnerships (CHP) are part of the NHS family. They work in partnership with the NHS to provide high quality health and social care facilities that enable excellent patient care and support staff wellbeing. They are strong on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), especially sustainability, and seek to work with suppliers who support their Net Zero goals.



CHP has many sites across England, all working to the same strategic goals, and all strong on CSR.


Their key aims for sustainability are to reduce emissions and the amount of waste going to landfill. Their sustainable practices and procurement work along the following paths: decarbonisation, water preservation, waste reduction,reduction in single-use plastics and installation of LED lighting


Restore Datashred is not only a Restore Group business,with our own Net Zero by 2035 goals, and an increasingly alternative-fuelled fleet – some of it from in-house generated energy – we are also a major recycling company. In 2021 alone, we sent 47,000 tonnes of confidential paper and cardboard shreds to UK fibre processing firms so these shreds could be created into new paper products.


We have worked hard to achieve, and maintain, a raft of accreditations that support us in providing high security, breach-proof data protection for all our customers’ confidential waste. On paper, then, we are a good match for meeting CHP’s expectations and goals.




CHP has been working with us here at Restore Datashred for the past 12 months, and we currently cover 77 of their sites across the UK, collecting approximately three tonnes of confidential wastepaper from each site over the course of the past year.


Our personalised services are managed directly by one of Restore Datashred’s senior account managers, guaranteeing knowledgeable, attentive service that is always seeking efficiencies and innovations.


Not only do we collect and shred 20 tonnes a month, in complete confidence – freeing up space on CHP premises, and helping their business remain compliant – but we are also making and showing CHP their current environmental savings through their online monthly Environmental Report.


So for the first year of working together, CHP can see – and show their stakeholders – that by choosing to shred and recycle with us, they have saved the following:


  • Trees not felled: 4,080

  • Energy saved: 1,008,000 kilowatts

  • Water saved: 7,680,000 litres

  • CO2 emissions stopped; 144,000 kilos




Best of all, however, is that this case study provides a prime example of the circular economy at work.


Restore Datashred’s operatives collect sacks and secure bins of confidential paper waste from CHP’s various sites and transport them safely to one of our 11 shredding centres. Our state-of-the-art machinery reduces that confidential paper waste to tiny fragments in short order; these fragments, or shreds, are then baled and sent to a UK processing firm – Essity – to be made into paper products such as paper towels, tissues, cardboard tubes, and so on.


CHP has a contract in place to buy large scale volumes of tissue, and other paper products, from… that self-same processer. It all helps create a virtuous cycle of sustainability, where resources and emissions are kept to a minimum in producing much-needed healthcare products.


What our client says:


I work closely with Karen Matthews, the National Facilities Contract Manager at CHP. I meet with Karen and her team each month to review the performance of the contract. It was in one of these review meetings, while updating each other on the other activities within our organisations, that Karen mentioned they were in the middle of changing the paper products supplied by their cleaning contractor.


I commented that it would be prudent to ask about the origin of the tissue products being proposed, knowing that, by us both using the same processor/supplier, there was potential to join the dots and help drive sustainability efforts for the organisation.


– Cillian Maye, Account Manager
0800 376 4422