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How do they rate you?
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How do they rate you?

Who’s really in control of your organisation’s reputation? Is it the board? Shareholders? Employees? Or is it public opinion?

Intangible assets such as trust, reputation and goodwill can take years to earn – longer than more tangible product and services development – and they have immense value to the wellbeing of your business, both current and future.

Consider the way Uber in 2017 and Volkswagen in 2015 dealt with wrongdoing and you will be reminded of how swiftly a bright reputation can become tarnished…

Of CEOs view reputation impacts as a byproduct of breaches and other security threats.*
* Deloitte 2018"

Those who manage your assets and the risks associated with them broadly break down into two areas: formally qualified risk advisors who manage tangible risks internally, and the communications team, who deal with external perceptions of your organisation. They can often be at odds with one another through poor collaboration and because they’re dealing in different notions of what risk means. Arguably, it’s the reputation management carried out by your comms team that can have the greatest impact on your organisation’s health and outlook.


Because, since the crash in 2008, while businesses may have become increasingly transparent – either willingly or through government policy – and are keen to show their workings to customers and consumers alike, within the same time span, consumers have found their voice – through social media.

Put one foot wrong in terms of customer service, product quality, employment law and reporting or your organisation’s impact on the environment and on society, and damage limitation can bulge out of control in a matter of moments.

Of businesses lack the process to identify events and market signals that can damage their reputation.*
*Deloitte 2018"

So, who is really in control of your organisation? And if it could be the public, does that have a positive side to it?

According to a recent survey published by Raconteur (Business Risk, 28 April 2019), the answer is ‘yes’, because we’re in a new era for business. Large businesses enjoy less control and, ultimately, that’s an empowering thing. A lot of control is moving out of business and into society and, when organisations are under constant scrutiny, this will align how business puts back into society. Understanding and managing reputational risk is a large part of this shift.

Aligning your commercial interests with more social ones will be the way forward going into the 2020s and involves planning, management and a culture of collaboration – and the ability to weave transparency through every level and from top to bottom. Your business can vastly reduce reputational risk, for example, by setting up processes that are locked down, secure and compliant; by instilling the art (and science) of delighting customers in every team; by communicating the desire to cherish reputation with every interaction. Building in resilience based on thought-through policies, actions and attitudes will mean your business is better able to survive the ‘slings and arrows of Fortune’, aka social media.

Where to start?

At Restore Datashred we are innovators and we invest in technology, machinery and our people in our pursuit of constant improvement. We place great value on your business running smoothly and compliantly. All our systems and secure datashredding processes are geared to helping you meet your responsibilities and your budgets, and, ultimately, to you having happy customers (who won’t resort to social media!).

· We use the latest technologies such as file and asset tracking software that provide full electronic audit trails, and third party software, Enterprise, to help us plan the most efficient collection routes, reduce waiting times and emissions. We monitor driver behaviours and good practice using sophisticated in-cab telematics and in 2018 achieved the Masternaut Gold Status Fleet award, as well as the FORS Bronze standard, to assure you of our ongoing efforts to always seek environmental performance improvements.

· We run a small fleet of vehicles unique in the UK in the shape of our recently delivered Shred-Tech MDX-3 mobile shredding trucks, which, in one hour, reduce 1600kg of paper into millions of untraceable shreds. It’s the high speed, high security, low emissions wonder of the shredding world!

· We are the only datashredding business in the UK to have been awarded the sought-after ServiceMark from the Institute of Customer Service – and we use the Net Promoter Score and Trust Pilot to constantly monitor our service levels and introduce improvements.

· We give you round-the-clock access to your account through an online customer portal where you can view certificates of destruction, track collections and processes, make bookings and, importantly, check your Environmental Report for each shredding transaction. This popular report details how many trees and how much energy, water and CO2 were saved by using our shredding and recycling services – it’s great for your management reporting and a useful sustainability and social responsibility tool.

· Our security measures include:

  • secure, lockable on-site paper and media bins and cabinets
  • on-site mobile shredding vehicles, including the brand new Shred-Tech MDX-3 with its vastly superior capabilities, where you can watch, and check, your material as it tips on to the shredder blades and is reduced to minute fragments in moments
  • DBS-checked drivers and secure collection operatives
  • high-security shredding centres with entry protocols and round-the-clock CCTV and monitoring
  • full electronic file and asset tracking, and electronic audit trails
  • promptly supplied certificates of destruction
  • ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management
  • ISO/IEC 14001 Environmental Management
  • ISO/IEC 9001 Quality Management

So next time the board asks for a report on your business’ compliance and social responsibility, make sure you give one of our knowledgeable customer service team a call first – so we can show you how secure, innovative and customer-focused datashredding is an integral part of building your resilience for the 2020s (and helping you win a big thumbs up from your own customers!).