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How Secure Shredding Helps Your Business


Secure shredding of unwanted archive files and documents can help a business not only to de-clutter and re-use valuable office space that was taken over by redundant files, but can also help to ensure that sensitive company information doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

Many businesses need to dispose of expired paperwork and archived files on a regular basis. By using a confidential secure shredding service, such as those offered by Restore Datashred, you can be rest assured that your old documents will be securely destroyed in accordance with Current Data Protection act regulations.


Secure shredding for GDPR compliance


UK businesses only have until the 25th May 2018 to put the right data management processes in place to ensure they comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). There will be significant financial penalties for companies that fail to comply.

Under the new data protection laws, a person has the 'right to be forgotten', which means that they can choose to have their personal data completely removed from your business records if they so choose. This has resulted in businesses up and down the country revising their corporate privacy policy so it now fully explains how exactly their customers personal data is used and why. This also means that companies are having to seek express permission from clients and customers that they wish to remain on their contact list and agree to their data being used in specific ways.

The consent process for use of personal information under GDPR needs documented permission,  including the data and source of the consent. The use of ‘opt-in permissions’ will now be mandatory, but it must be as easy to withdraw consent as it is to give it. The new legislation also  allows for individuals to request copies of their data held by companies.

From the perspective of a business, it would now be advisable to only collect the minimum amount of information needed to enable the desired outcome. One positive result of this for the future may well be a marked reduction in the amount of paperwork generated for each customer. This will also cut down on the amount of work needed to dispose of personal data once it reaches the end of it's useful life.

Because the GDPR's 'right to be forgotten' rule has been written, this means that business owners cannot keep any personal information on file for any longer than is necessary. The information owner can request that a company remove or delete their information, so this means a company needs to have a thorough document management process in place that will monitor and protect information right from creation to final destruction.


Secure Shredding policy


By partnering with Restore Datashred, you can be rest assured that you will have a safe and secure way for your information disposal. Once you have documentation that is no longer needed, you can arrange to either have our secure shredding services come out to you with our on-site secure shredding solution, or we can safely transport your expired documentation for destruction at one of our secured disposal facilities.

There is no need to worry about the risk of a data breach with our off-site shredding service. We use  lockable mobile bins to secure your confidential data at your premises. When we collect from you, our bins are loaded into one of our secure vehicles and transported back to the depot and deposited directly on to the blades of the shredder. Your data is accompanied at all times throughout the collection, transport and destruction process.

Our off-site service guarantees that your company’s confidential information will be handled securely every step of the way. We’re BS EN15713:2009 shredding standard accredited, so you can be confident that the service you will receive from Restore Datashred will be of the very highest standard.

Once disposed of, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction to prove that your data has been handled securely and your company met your compliance with the data protection act.

To find out which of our secure paper shredding solution is best for you, contact us today so that we can discuss your needs.