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Meet the team: Anthony Pearlgood, Managing Director


Ever wondered about the people who help to provide the shredding services at Restore Datashred?

Wonder no more. We’ve asked our team of confidential waste disposal experts to share their skills and knowledge in our “Meet the Team” series.

Last time we introduced our Sales Director, Tony Falkner. This time, we’re going right to the top with Restore Datashred’s Managing Director, Anthony Pearlgood.

An introduction to Anthony

Anthony lives in Kent with his wife and three children. You could say that shredding is in their blood, since all three have played a role in the business at some point. From administration and credit control to packing chocolate bars and supporting our marketing team.

As well as being a keen cyclist, Anthony has a passion for his favourite football team, Tottenham Hotspur. An avid season ticket holder, he regularly makes the journey to watch them through good times and bad.

How long have you been working in the document shredding industry?

I’ve been in shredding for over 25 years now, which seems like a lifetime! So it might be easiest if I give you a bit of a timeline…

1990 - 2000

In the early stages of my career I was employed by a Canadian company who manufactured shredders that were used to help reduce waste materials from paper, plastic, rubber and other substances so that they could be recycled.

One of the systems that they made was a mobile paper shredding vehicle, which was successful in North America but new to the UK.

As it was new, it was difficult to persuade a UK company to buy a Shredding Truck but I thought it was a really good idea, so I decided to start my own venture with a business partner, called Shredaway. We acquired our first shredding vehicle in 1994 and shredded our way into the new Millennium.

2000 - 2006

After selling my stake in Shredaway to my business partner, I started a new venture in 2001; CDS (Confidential Destruction Services).

We were based in London but with the help of approved third party suppliers, we were able to reach every corner of the country, offering a range of on and off-site shredding services and additional ad-hoc data destruction services.

In 2006 I sold CDS to PHS Group and I worked with them to grow their shred division, making them one of the biggest players in the data destruction market.

2007 – 2015

Over the years we grew the PHS Datashred brand both through acquisitions and organically, until, in early 2013, PHS Data Solutions was born. It brought together all the document management services of PHS - namely document storage, shredding and scanning services.

We could now offer services that covered the lifecycle of a document from start to finish.

2015 – Today

Ultimately, the decision was made by PHS to sell their data solutions division.

In 2016, Restore PLC acquired PHS Data Solutions, integrating document storage and scanning into existing divisions and merging the smaller Restore Shred business into Datashred. And so Restore Datashred was born, with over 450 staff, 14 depots across the UK, 180 trucks, and myself leading the business as Managing Director.

What has been your biggest challenge so far?

One of the biggest challenges for any Managing Director is stepping away from the day-to-day activities and focusing on the sustainable growth of the turnover and profitability by putting in place a simple but effective strategy.

I need to know what’s happening on a daily basis across departments but I trust the professional and experienced staff that we have across the business to ensure that Restore Datashred consistently deliver exceptional customer service.

I‘ve experienced many financial milestones, but the next big challenge will be meeting that landmark £50m turnover figure. It won’t be easy but we’ve certainly got the right team to get us there.

What does the future hold for Restore Datashred?

The next few years will be an exciting time for us. We’ll be looking at more efficient processes which will allow the business to operate more resourcefully for our clients.

Our online portal will give clients access to relevant information, giving them the opportunity to manage and monitor their account activities.

I see a big opportunity for growth with small and medium size companies using our shredding services. Having acquired a number of businesses this year, including the recent acquisition of Baxter Confidential, this will continue to be one of the biggest growth opportunities for the business. Thanks for the update Anthony. We’re looking forward to exciting times ahead.