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Meet the Team – Barry Saitch
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Meet the Team – Barry Saitch

Welcome to our Meet the Team Spot, a chance for you to get to know our team a little better. This week we caught up with Barry Saitch, Restore Datashred’s Financial Director, to find out more about him and his role.

  • What was your dream job as a child?

Obviously a professional footballer playing for West Ham United

  • What led you to this career?

As a young man I had ambitions to be a PE Teacher or Graphic Designer when leaving secondary school, after studying both at sixth form college I decided neither were for me on a full time basis. I looked to find full time employment in the City of London and landed my first role as an Accounts Assistant. I quickly fell in love with the role, finance was involved in all departments of the business which I found interesting, I had exposure to senior managers and I had a real aptitude for numbers and problem solving. I still participate in my interests from all those years ago though, in my limited spare time playing sport and being a keen amateur photographer.

  • What motivates you to succeed?

I’m naturally very competitive, which the rest of the senior team will verify from whenever we’ve played games socially. My competitive nature pushes me to always want to improve and be the best I can, I’m probably mostly competitive against myself. At Datashred my competitive nature means I want us to be recognised as the most successful business in the Restore group and the No.1 shredding company in the UK, I’ll do all I can to help my colleagues so we achieve this.

  • How would your closest friends describe you?

While in work I’m very focused in my personal life I’m very different, my wife also works in accounts but we never speak about finance and I don’t with my friends either. I think the polite way they’d describe me is very sociable, witty, dependable, generous, confident but most of all loyal and helpful when they’re in need.

  • What's the biggest misconception people have about your position?

People whom don’t work closely with me always believe my role is entirely about the numbers which is a big misunderstanding. During my career I’ve been heavily involved in sales and account management, made changes around customer experience, I’ve lead company wide strategy changes, implemented non-financial software solutions and many other tasks not related to “the numbers”. 

This said though every function of the company has a cost vs benefit aspect, some of these benefits simply cannot be measured in monetary terms but as Finance Director I need to understand the business well enough to make decisions and ensure we’re investing our resources into the right areas to succeed. 

  • What's one thing you’re currently trying to make a habit?

Eat healthily and I have been trying unsuccessfully for the last fifteen years. Many years ago I played sport at quite a high level but was lucky to be naturally blessed with fitness, as I grow older that blessing has disappeared. So I counteract my bad diet and the occasional drink with attending the gym a few times a week and playing football weekly.

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