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Paper Shredding Services to Suit Your Company’s Needs

Are you looking for paper shredding services, to spring clean your workplace? At Restore we offer the services that can enable you to dispose of your unwanted paperwork in a secure and efficient manner.


What Should We Shred?


You are probably already planning to shred the confidential and sensitive documents that your company has obtained, but are you unsure about what else you should be shredding? Restore can offer you a free audit so that you can get the full benefits of the paper shredding services you need. During the audit we will help you to identify the paperwork that you should be shredding securely.


How do the paper shredding services work?


If you choose Restore to take care of your document shredding services, you have a number of options to choose from.


You can choose to have a one time collection of your documents, this is where one of our team will arrive at your premises, collect all of the documents that you wish to dispose of and securely seal them in containers. These will then be transported to one of our recycling and destruction centres where they will be shredded and recycled once beyond recognition.



You also have the opportunity to schedule regular collections. If you were to choose to have collections from your premises, we could provide you with secure containers to have on your premises and we can collect them at scheduled times to transport them back to our centre to be shredded.



Another option of our paper shredding services, is to have your documents shredded on site. With this option one of our team would arrive at your workplace with one of our mobile shredding vehicles. They will then shred your documentation on site, which gives you the opportunity to oversee the process.



So whatever your business needs, our full range our paper shredding services means that we will be able to help you dispose of your paperwork securely. If you would like to find out more about our paper shredding services or about any of the other services offered by Restore, contact us on: 03332201380.