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Professional Paper Shredding Services for UK Businesses
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Professional Paper Shredding Services for UK Businesses

You may be wondering what type of businesses need to use paper shredding services and why?

This is a question that often crops up with new businesses that are just setting up and are being run by people that have never operated a business before.

While setting up and getting a new venture off the ground is an exciting process, dealing with your associated paperwork and confidential waste paper build up can be somewhat of an afterthought.

With the advances in digital technology in recent years, plus pressure being put on them to be more ecologically friendly, many businesses are now trying their best to run paper-free offices. However, for many businesses, it is simply impossible not to create paper-based documentation, reports and records.

If your business produces any paperwork at all, you should consider looking for professional paper shredding services such as those provided by Restore Datashred.

What benefits does paper shredding bring to my business?

You may be wondering why it is worth spending money to have your old paperwork shredded. After all, paper shredding isn't a difficult task, and do I really need it doing anyway?

The simple answer to these questions is yes, you do need to keep on top of the amount of paperwork your business accumulates. You also have certain obligations to meet with regard to the safe use and storage of sensitive data gathered by your company during the course of your business.

Why businesses need confidentiality

In today's modern digital world, many business owners are far more concerned with trying not to allow slip-ups to happen where confidential information is leaked through digital means.

However, despite the ever-present threat coming from a cyber attack, many business owners will take their eye off the ball where it comes to securing their confidential paperwork.

Despite data breaches coming from cyber hacking appearing almost daily on the news, there are still plenty of old-fashioned criminals around that will still look for opportunities to go through your paper-based documents to glean sensitive information.

Many criminals will rifle through the waste bins left outside of offices to see if they can find valuable information that will allow them to commit any sort of financial fraud or identity theft.

There are still plenty of chances even today where an opportunistic thief can gain valuable information from what companies throw away in their everyday waste collection. If you don't dispose of your business waste properly, even your direct competition can use this as a tool against you.

Careless waste disposal can start the rumour mill

Your business profile and reputation can be seriously damaged should rumours about your careless handling of your paper-based waste gets out. Your good standing within the business community can be seriously harmed by a direct competitor or even one of your clients or customers should your company not follow proper confidentiality protocols.

Sometimes the amount of paperwork produced by a company can be so overwhelming that mistakes can easily be made when it comes to the safe disposal of their old and unwanted files.

Examples of businesses that need to be extra careful with their sensitive paperwork include:

·         Hospitals

·         Health clinics

·         Legal firms

·         Banks

·         Financial institutions

·         Public sector

·         Education

While it may seem obvious why these high-profile institutions need to keep up a high level of protection for all of their sensitive data, it may not seem like such an important element for a business that doesn't directly need or deal with personal information coming from patients or clients.

However, even if you run a business that operates in the B2B sector, your company will still carry and store plenty of sensitive information that you need to protect.

Paper shredding for the B2B business sector

First of all, don't forget that whatever business you are run regardless of whether you operate in the B2B sector, you will still be holding confidential information about your own employees.

As a responsible employer, you have a duty of care towards your own staff to keep their sensitive personal information secure. You will be responsible for protecting information about your employees, such as their home address, phone numbers, tax and national insurance information as well as their banking details.

I am sure that your reputation as a trustworthy employer would be shot to shreds should your company leak your worker's personal data, whether by accident or from being careless with the disposal of your paperwork.

Corporate espionage is a real thing!

OK, so corporate espionage may sound like a plot right out of the pages of a James Bond novel, but if your company relies upon creating innovative new products or designs to stay in business, then you are at risk from having your latest research and design projects stolen from right under your nose.

We all know that some new products can spend many months or even years in development before it is ready for market. During this time your company will be producing many new plans and designs that will change over time.

Professional paper shredding services for safeguarding

New prototype plans for a product can be easily discarded when they are no longer relevant to the direction in which a product is being developed. However, these plans that are no longer of use to your R&D can be incredibly valuable in the hands of your competitors.

You need to make sure that you are properly destroying your R&D plans as you work through your new project. Just one slip-up where a member or staff or a cleaner may throw away your plans in your regular waste recycling bin can see your new innovation quickly copied by a rival company.

Any business owner or management team operating in the field of technology, whether hardware or software based, should seriously consider hiring professional paper shredding services as a means of safeguarding their new ideas and R&D developments.

Paper shredding to help raise your green business profile

There are extra advantages to hiring Restore Datashred to perform your confidential paper shredding on your behalf – the benefits associated with recycling your paper-based waste to help improve your environmental profile.

Paper shredding is actually a very green practice when compared to disposing of your unwanted paper-based document via incineration. Firstly, shredding your paper waste is less harmful to the environment than burning your paperwork. Plus shredding your confidential paperwork makes it easier to recycle into brand new paper-based products!

Many local councils have introduced measures to encourage businesses to reduce their carbon emissions and reduce their environmental impact by keeping as much waste product as possible from going to the local landfill.

The great thing about using Restore Datashred is that once we have shredded your confidential waste paperwork, we then take care to recycle it through one of our paper mill partners. They take our paper shreds and turn them into paper pulp that can go on to be used to make recycled paper and tissue products.

For you, this means that your company becomes an important part of the green circular economy where your waste products cause little to no environmental damage. A great thing for your 'green footprint' and for keeping up your eco-friendly image!

Choosing the right paper shredding services for your business

Once you have decided to use Restore Datashred paper shredding services, you need to then choose which of our two shredding options is the right one for your business. It is important to understand each one to make the most informed choice.

Onsite mobile shredding services

Our onsite shredding services is the best option for you if you would prefer to personally witness your confidential paperwork being destroyed.

The main benefit of using Restore Datashred's onsite shredding services is that we bring our state-of-the-art mobile shredding vehicle direct to your business premises to perform your shredding. You can watch as our fully trained security team collect together your confidential paper waste and feed it directly into the jaws of our mobile shredding machine.

The whole process of onsite shredding is quite straightforward and is a good option for businesses that have confidential waste containers in place, such as collection boxes, sack and cabinets.

Your staff will be able to fill up your confidential waste collection containers and once full, you can schedule an appointment with us to come out to you to perform your shredding.

You can book a one-off shredding visit for when you are doing an office purge before moving premises or just as a general housekeeping move once or twice per year. Or you can book a regular schedule of visits from us to perform onsite shredding to better help you keep on top of the build-up of confidential paperwork.

Onsite shredding can be a business owners preferred method of secure disposal because there is zero risk of any sensitive data being compromised.

Tip: A regular shredding schedule will help to keep your paperwork under control and prevent the safe storage and disposal of your documents from becoming too overwhelming for you.

Secure offsite paper shredding services

Restore Datashred offers secure offsite paper shredding services for those business owners that lack the necessary vehicular access needed for our mobile shredding services.

Many businesses operate from office blocks or from buildings that don't have any ground-floor open space where we could safely park one of our shredding vehicles.

Instead, we will send out one of our security-trained collection teams to collect your secured confidential paper waste. We will then transport your waste paper to one of our offsite destruction facilities – we have many destruction centres positioned across the country so there will always be one quite close by.

This means that you don't have to worry that your confidential paperwork carrying very sensitive data will be travelling the length of the country before it can be completely destroyed. In fact, your waste paper will be collected and shredded on the same day, all the while being completely supervised by our security team.

You don't need to worry about your sensitive data getting lost either! Our security collection vehicles are fully satellite-tracked so we will know exactly where your confidential waste paper is at all times during its journey to one of our security controlled destruction depots.

At no point during the journey from collection to destruction will your paperwork be left unattended. Our security team and drivers never leave the collection vehicle unattended or unlocked at any point.

Offsite secure shredding process:

·         Confidential material is placed in lockable containers on your site

·         Our collection vehicle visits your site

·         The material is taken to our secure destruction site and shredded

·         A Certificate of Destruction is issued to you

·         All shredded paper is taken to a paper mill and recycled

·         New paper is produced which you can buy to close the recycling loop

Certificate of destruction

Regardless of whether you choose Restore Datashred secure onsite or offsite paper shredding services, after the complete destruction of your paperwork has been completed, you will receive a certificate of destruction. This certificate will detail the exact time of the destruction of your documents and will be signed by the supervising officer in charge of the destruction.

Your certificate of destruction will be your proof of final destruction of your confidential waste and can be used for auditing processes to show you have fully complied with all of your legal obligations under the data protection act and the more recent GDPR updates.

If you need more help and guidance about your confidential paper shredding needs, then do not hesitate to contact our friendly team for some free help and advice. We will be happy to answer your questions!