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Serious about Expansion
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Serious about Expansion

Restore Datashred has had a bit of a growth spurt this year. We’re on track to achieve our goal of being the UK’s leading confidential disposal business and -  thanks to a great team's performance over the past couple of years, we’ve got new customers and lots of growth from our existing customers.

What does this mean for our organisation?

It means we’re expanding our footprint to ensure we can continue to deliver the best service, quickly and efficiently, wherever you are.

In the South: in July we moved from our Winchester depot to a centre in Southampton, which gives us more space to grow and also enables us to meet our customers’ needs across a wider section of southern England.

In London: business in and around the capital contributes nearly 25% to Restore Datashred’s revenues and we have now outgrown our busy 18,000-square-foot site at Crayford in Kent, where we run 50 vehicles and destroy more than 400 tonnes a week of confidential shredding. In September, we’re moving the entire operation two miles up the road to a depot that’s four times the size, giving us the scope to grow and confidently continue to provide a quick, efficient and confidential service to the London area.

In Scotland: purposely located between Glasgow and Edinburgh to be at the heart of the action, our Livingston depot and our sales teams have been highly successful in attracting large amounts of business in the Scottish market. So much so that we are now moving to a larger site in the same area which will measure 22,000 square feet, making it one of the largest sites Restore Datashred operate in the northern half of the UK.

What does being serious about expansion mean for our customers?

What’s going to change? Well, nothing really. It will be business as usual – the same excellent customer service, the same guaranteed confidentiality as ever – but with increased flexibility and range.

What does it mean for us, here at Restore Datashred?

With increased reach and capacity we are better placed to meet the needs of existing and new customers and it takes us a step closer to our vision of being the UK’s leading shredding business.

The expansion will also give us new opportunities this year to smash our 2017 sustainability record when we recycled 100,000 tonnes of paper. In turn, this means that:

· we prevented 1,700,000 trees from being felled
· we used 420,000,000 fewer kilowatts of energy
· we saved 3,200,000,000 litres of water.

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