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The Importance of Confidential Shredding

Confidential Shredding Services offered by Restore

Every business is aware of the importance of keeping secure documents confidential even when they are no longer needed. However, are you also aware of the need to confidentially dispose of data held on electrical items such as laptops and phones? This is a requirement for all businesses and is covered by the WEEE regulations

What is the WEEE Directive? (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment)

This is a regulation aimed to separate electronic equipment from municipal waste in order to ensure that electronic items such as copiers, fax machines and printers are correctly disposed of and where possible recycled. This includes removing all confidential data held on electrical devices. 

Does your business dispose of WEEE that may contain information covered by the Data Protection Act? If this is the case you must ensure that your business holds a certificate in information security management.  

Want to find out more about the WEEE Directive? Visit this website 

Unsure of what needs to be shredded or destroyed?

Here at Restore we offer free on site audits to help you decide what shredding & destruction services you may need. 

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If you want to get in touch with us to discuss confidential shredding services for your business or to find out more about the WEEE directive implications to your business then contact our team today.