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The power of the review

So, let’s say you’re looking for a secure shredding service for your confidential data… How do you make your choice?

In times past, you might have reached for a telephone directory and called up the few businesses listed or perhaps asked friends and colleagues for their recommendations – a labour intensive process with few ways of guaranteeing the outcome.

Fast forward to now and, while it’s true the online era has created masses of instantly accessible information, in some ways this makes it just as tricky as before to find a company that meets your business needs. 

To bolster online presence and achieve stand out, this has ushered in a proliferation of accreditations, standards, awards and review mechanisms, most of them trustworthy and a good indicator of a company’s abilities, capabilities and customer service ethos. These all help you make the best business decision possible based on the criteria of each standard achieved. So far, so good. 

What the majority of these stamps of approval do not reveal, however, is the customer feedback, systems and processes that helped achieve them in the first place. For industry-specific accreditations, the systems and processes can remain unknown: the simple fact of attaining the correct standard is enough. For more customer-service oriented recognition, how do you, as a potential customer, know how the business reacts when its systems are challenged or compromised, when mistakes happen?

When it comes to customer service everything Restore Datashred does is backed by our strong company values empowerment and excellence. We take pride in offering you the service, scale and efficiency you need to get the most secure results possible for your business, wherever you are in the UK. 

We are a leader in our industry when it comes to the transparency of how we work, and the quality and quantity of the feedback we actively ask for, because we choose to use customer review platform, Trustpilot. 

What is the power of the review?

Online customer advocacy on a reviews platform such as Trustpilot means you can share the moments of glory – and sometimes pain – in an unrestricted, unbiased form. Comments are unedited by us and the star ratings are instantly visible. The power of this system is that it works for both parties: you, the customer, and us, the secure shredding company. Here’s how.

· For customers, quality and quantity of reviews count. 
– 92% of consumers read online reviews before making a purchasing decision and positive reviews help overcome customer hesitation
– 44% look for quantity of reviews, and high volumes seem to make the business more trustworthy and reduce the impact of any negative reviews
– 16% think reviews are too old after three months*

* All statistics according to Trustpilot sources, February 2019

· For businesses such as Restore Datashred, customer insights are crucial to the virtuous circle of continuously working to improve our customer service with every transaction.
– Building credibility: our use of a highly visible platform for honest, authentic reviews demonstrates that we are confident in the services we provide and are happy for customers and the industry to see them in the raw.
– Reputation management: customer experiences – the good and the not so good – offer brilliant feedback to which we respond positively. That can be jumping round the office for yet another 5 star review or, more importantly, helping the disappointed customer by quickly fixing what went wrong and learning a lesson for next time.

How does a review translate into customer service excellence?

It keeps us on our toes…

By engaging with you through Trustpilot you tell us, and the world, how we’re doing. So the onus is on us to keep tweaking and shaping our services for each customer and, if there’s a problem, it’s quickly visible and fixable – and fix it we do! Take a look at any of our reviews – whether 5 star or 3 star – and you will find a member of the team asking how we can improve what we do for next time. 

As an established and industry-leading business we provide on and off-site secure shredding services throughout the country from one of our 12 destruction centres and our large fleet of 200 trucks and mobile shredding vehicles. We collect and shred more than 100,000 tonnes of materials a year, sending all paper and the vast majority of the digital media and textiles we process, for recycling. 

Your security is our priority, and we assure an unbroken chain of custody from bin to blade for your confidential data, promptly providing a certificate of destruction for your records, peace of mind and to keep you compliant with data protection regulations. We supply products, such as lockable on-site paper and media bins and cabinets, and tools, such as our online customer portal that gives desktop access to secure account management and your very useful Environmental Report. 

Just about the biggest differentiator from our competitors, however, is our legendary customer service and the operations team that supports them. We know that our people are what help make your experience the best it can be – from your first enquiry, through to honing account set-up and management, and on-going operations. 

How do we do it?

· We make sure we recruit people who aspire to our company values
· We run continuous training for our drivers and offer apprenticeships of all levels to all our people
· We run an experienced Quality Assurance team
· We invest in technology such as the latest fleet management and scheduling software, and we are always open to innovation. Take a look at our mini-fleet of cutting edge (pun intended!) mobile shredding vehicles – the Shred-Tech MDX-3 – which, in one hour, reduces 1600kg of paper into millions of untraceable shreds and is the high speed, high security, low emissions wonder of the shredding world!
· We are determined to keep on improving.

This is the power of the review: it stokes the desire to keep on getting, and being, better.


Some of our 5-star customers

“Excellent customer service, from the first phone call to the last follow up. Great service, truck arrived on time to pick up at a time convenient to us. Would use this company again, in fact have also passed on details to a colleague.”

The Salvation Army – 5 stars

“The service from start to finish was excellent. Everything was explained clearly and the paperwork came through promptly. The confidential waste was collected as arranged and the final invoice was received plus a courtesy call to ask if we were satisfied. We will definitely use Restore Datashred again. Thank you.”

Barrow LLP – 5 stars

“Duane has been so helpful over the years with sending Restore statistics, ISO information to us as soon as requested.  His attitude has been totally professional, he is extremely efficient and always goes over and above in helping us out with anything we need.    Duane you're a star!”

Fusion – 5 stars 

“They came and did exactly what they said they would do. Was most impressed by the shredder!”

Halifax Estates – 5 stars

“Excellent customer care, very accommodating and flexible. Would  highly recommend. System works well for us.”

St David’s Primary School – 5 stars

“Excellent company – provide an efficient service and are always willing and helpful. Would have no problem recommending this company to anyone looking to handle their shredding needs.”

South Tyneside Council – 5 stars

For more information about Restore Datashred and the way we work, take a look at

And the next time we, or any other business, invites you to comment on Trustpilot you can feel a warm glow that what you say could well contribute to a service improvement from which you and all our customers benefit, as well as us. Win–win, we think that’s called!