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when your Company will need a Confidential Shredding Company
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when your Company will need a Confidential Shredding Company

For just about every business in the UK, the risk of confidential data loss has become one of the most important challenges to face. Hardly a day goes past where you hear of a large company suffering a data breach, but where you may believe that these large corporations are going to be the main target for cyber hackers, data miners and identity theft criminals, it is just as important for small and medium sized businesses to ensure the security of the data that they possess.

While you may not be the target of any data crime, it is still very important that you do everything you can to protect your financial information. The mistake that a lot of small and medium sized businesses have made in the past is to incorrectly dispose of old and archived company financial documentation when the business plans to move premises.

Not many business owners will want the extra burden of moving swathes of old paperwork from one location to the other, so in the past have simply dumped their old files into common landfill sites, which of course left their sensitive company information exposed to potential criminal activity such as identity fraud and selling on of personal information.

Document shredding company services

One of the most popular services to hire when planning a business relocation is that of a good shredding company, such as Restore Datashred. Using our document shredding services will go a long way to guarantee your data security and is a sensible part of your financial management.

You have to remember that losing any form of financial data, no matter how old your paper records are, can seriously impact your business. You are not only putting the financial side of your company at risk but also risking the reputation of your company.

If your company is viewed from the outside world or by your business peers as one that is lax with your data protection, it will put a lot of people off buying your products or services. Just about everyone is worried about identity theft these days, so will be reluctant to share their personal information with a company that has a poor reputation for looking after its personal data.

What about in-house shredding?

Let's face it, paper shredding can be an incredibly tiresome and time consuming task for your staff to perform. Asking your staff to remember to regularly perform confidential shredding duties will not guarantee that the job gets done correctly.

Your staff may be more concerned with meeting deadlines and keeping up their performance levels to qualify them for a raise, so the last thing on their mind will be spending time feeding their confidential data into an office-based shredder.

It will be far more cost-effective and efficient to use the on-site services of a professional data shredding company such as Restore Datashred. This ensures complete security for the full life cycle of the document. From the moment of the collection until the final destruction at one of our UK based shredding centres.

Restore Datashred document shredding

Shredding your old paper documentation will guarantee that no one gains access to your company financial data or your customer's personal information records.

The new GDPR regulations now stipulate that business owners that collect and store personal information have a duty of care to ensure that all data is stored securely and disposed of properly once the company has no further use for it. Actively breaching these data protection rules can result in very serious action being taken against your company with severe financial penalties and even court rulings that could see your company shut down in a worst-case-scenario should your data breach be severe enough to warrant taking that action.

As the law requires that your business has a well maintained data protection system in place, regular data shredding practices will form a large part of your system.You can read more about the regulations here.

Restore Secure On-site shredding

Restore Datashred offer a secure shredding service that can come out to your business premises and perform a number of on-site shredding services right in front of your eyes. Our on-site shredding services include the secure destruction of not only your old archived paperwork but also other confidential data that you cannot afford to leave the premises, such as old company uniforms with company logo stitching, company identification badges that have been turned in by staff leaving or retiring from your company, other branded goods that you may have that needs safely disposing of, such as test product runs and new packaging samples.

Our on-site mobile shredding vehicles that are manned by our secure collection operatives will follow a secure collection process that ensures that all of your confidential materials are strictly contained and systematically destroyed without any risk of your sensitive data or product being left unwatched or exposed throughout the whole destruction process.

As the only shredding service provider within the UK with the ServiceMark award from the Institute of Customer Service, Restore Datashred will collect your materials using our own vetted BS 58578 secure collection operatives that will arrive at your business premised dressed in full uniform. Our secure collection operatives will then take your confidential data directly to one of our mobile shredding vehicles and feed your confidential material into the mechanical jaws of our shredding machine.

Restore Datashred Off-site shredding

As one of the UK's leading confidential shredding service providers, we operate secure off-site data shredding facilities that fully conform to all current data protection legislation. This means that you can trust our services to safely deliver your confidential data to be disposed of at an off-site shredding plant with zero risk of any data losses or data breaches during transport to the shredding site right the way through to the final destruction of your materials.

Restore Datashred are BS EN15713:2009 shredding standard accredited, so this means that you can book our off-site shredding services with the utmost confidence and will be reassured that you will be delivered a service of the very highest standard.

The main benefit of using our off-site shredding services is that it is an incredibly convenient solution for those businesses that don't have any outdoor space that will enable us to bring our mobile shredding services to your door.

While there are certain benefits to having our on-site shredding service come out to you because you can personally witness the destruction of your sensitive data, you may be worried about having to release your company documentation into the care of others.

There really is no need to worry though as your confidential data will be carefully handled at every stage of the transportation from your business premises to it's final destination at the secure shredding site.

Not only will your confidential paperwork be securely sealed and tagged during the journey, but your paperwork will be supervised and protected the whole time by our team of secure collection operatives. Each one of our secure collection vehicles are fitted with satellite trackers so we know exactly where our vehicles are at all times.

At no time will your confidential data be left unattended. Your materials will be constantly supervised right from the moment of collection to moment they meet the jaws of our industrial strength shredding machine. Or secure destruction centres operate as high security warehouses with authorised access only. All collected materials are shredded on the same day, so you don't need to worry that your company documentation will be sitting around for days before it is shredded.

Once shredded, all recyclable paper material is bailed up and delivered to a paper mill where they will use it as raw material is pulped to produce recycled paper and tissue based products. So not only will you be securely disposing of your sensitive data in accordance with current data protection laws, you will also be doing your little bit for the environment by having your waste paper recycled into something useful.

No loss of business credibility

By using professional shredding company services such as those offered by Restore Datashred, you will be avoiding the risk of losing not only your own company financial data but also your customer or client information. Experiencing a data breach is something that is hard to recover from, especially for a business that has a duty of care to protect the data they store.

Careless data losses shows you as a company that puts little care and attention into protecting the data of your customers, clients and business partners. This can lead to you building a poor reputation and being seen as an untrustworthy company.

Having a failing reputation can lead to poor credibility amongst customers, clients, other businesses and financial institutions. It would be incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to get a business loan or establish a line of credit from any major high street bank or business lender.

By simply hiring the services of a credible and competent shredding company that has a proven history with thousands of UK business owners, you can avoid all these issues. Not only will you be able to enhance your company brand through safe data protection processes, but you will also avoid losses of income from new customers and be able to attract favourable interest rates for any business finance you may seek.

Restore Datashred outstanding quality controls

Restore Datashred is pleased to provide all of our business customers with a very viable solution to their data destruction needs at reasonable prices, without compromising on quality and service.

The data shredding business has changed a lot over recent years and this means that we have kept up to date with the latest GDPR regulations that helps to reduce the risk of criminals being able to exploit your business, your customers or your staff.

While issues such as identity theft was quite uncommon in the last century, in the modern digital world it seems like just about everyone has been affected by some sort of ID fraud or theft, or knows someone that has experienced this.

The truth is that ID thieves can access personal information via confidential documents or electronic media that is capable of data storage. This is why as a business owner you need to make sure that all of your old and unwanted paper documentation as well as your redundant IT equipment with data storage capabilities are properly disposed of.

Just because the customer data that you have collected is no longer of use to your business does not mean it has zero value to anyone else. You still have a duty of care by law to ensure the safe disposal of this data to prevent it falling into the wrong hands.

This is why hiring Restore Datashred to securely dispose of your redundant data through secure shredding will help to prevent or even eliminate identity theft from your company. Our strict quality control procedures will ensure that every shred of your sensitive data will no longer be readable or useful to criminals.

No matter what business or organisation you own or run, long gone are the days where you could simply throw out your old customer records in the normal rubbish collection. The law now requires that you securely destroy your old data storage devices and paper-based documentation and prove that you did it correctly by obtaining a certificate of destruction from your shredding company.

With Restore Datashred, once your sensitive data has been securely destroyed either via our on-site or off-site shredding services, you will be issued with an official certificate of destruction that contains the details of your document destruction. You can use your certificate of destruction as proof of your compliance with current data protection laws for auditing purposes. Your certificate will give you a permanent and secure end to your company paper trail so your auditors will be perfectly satisfied that you followed the correct procedures to safely dispose of your old data records.

You can contact the Restore Datashred team for more information about how our shredding services can help keep your business compliant with current Data Protection laws.