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Why ISO spells 'safe, reliable suppliers'

It can be difficult to see behind the scenes of an organisation - to know how it operates, how it behaves and whether it will meet your expectations.

That’s why ISO standards are so important. The big appeal with them is that you do know what goes on backstage. They provide a transparency that may not exist otherwise. If a supplier has an ISO accreditation, you can say with certainty and confidence that you know exactly how it operates and to what standard.

There are over 21,000 different standards from the International Organisation of Standardisation, covering almost every sector of industry, trade and commerce. Next year marks the 70th anniversary of ISO but its standards, and the security they provide, are now more relevant than ever.


An ISO accreditation marks a world-class specification on products, services and systems so you can rest assured you are dealing with the highest quality.


The standards allow you to have confidence in the safety and quality of products and services as well as the organisation itself.


It ensures business operations follow strict policies and procedures to remain as efficient as possible, improving productivity.


The improved systems and processes enforced by an ISO standard cut costs and, in turn, helps the supplier to pass those savings on to its customers.


ISO standards are developed by professionals in their field and tried and tested by the industry to ensure a better service for customers, improved quality of product or service and streamlined processes.


All standards are designed to reduce an organisation’s impact on the environment, creating a greener future and lower costs.


ISO standards command best practice from the accredited organisation and a long-term commitment to continuous improvement. That is why Restore Datashred, a leading provider of confidential shredding services is proud to hold three ISO accreditations.

  • ISO9001 Quality Management Systems Standard - ensures that our systems and processes supports staff and customer satisfaction at all times.
  • ISO14001 Environmental Management System Standard - improves our environmental performance through an efficient use of resources and waste reduction.
  • ISO27001 Information Security Management System Standard - identifies information security risks and puts controls in place to reduce any risk.