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Why more UK Businesses are choosing On-site Hard Drive Shredding Companies
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Why more UK Businesses are choosing On-site Hard Drive Shredding Companies

Just about every business in the UK will eventually need to retire their old IT equipment including desktop PCs, laptops and tablets. This may be due to their IT equipment becoming obsolete, breaking down beyond repair or may simply become accidentally damaged rendering them inoperable.

The only problem is that a business will be faced with finding a way to safely dispose of all this unwanted equipment, but first making sure that they use an approved and effective method of data destruction that will guarantee that the company will not suffer any risks of data escaping intact from their business to cause a data breach.

Meeting with Data Protection Act compliance

Another aspect of data destruction that businesses need to bear in mind is that they need to satisfy their regulatory compliances when disposing of their old IT assets. If a company is keen to improve their carbon footprint by keeping as much of their waste from going to the landfill, then they may look at selling on their old equipment for reuse in the circular economy.

Before they can sell or gift their redundant electronic and IT equipment, all sensitive company data must be completely removed from all of their data-bearing devices.

While there are a few forms of data sanitisation to choose from, some methods of erasing data from electronic media are not very effective and can leave behind traces of sensitive data that can be recovered and used for criminal activity.

Should a company choose a method of wiping data from disks and hard-drives that prove ineffective, and result in a serious data breach, then that company can face some very serious penalties from ICO for being in breach of their responsibilities under the Data Protection Act 2018.

What is the Data Protection Act?

The Data Protection Act 2018 gained Royal Assent in May 2018 and replaces the Data Protection Act 1998, with the aim of modernising the UK's data protection laws.

The Data Protection Act of 1998 needed updating to better reflect the digital age and how modern businesses and government agencies collect and use data. It was necessary to review the legal framework for data protection to fall in line with GDPR without any conflicts in the guidelines.

The Data Protection Act 2018 does a few different things, such as set out exemptions to GDPR and also detail areas not addressed by GDPR regulations, such as the processing of manual unstructured data by public authorities, and more.

Companies unprepared for data eradication

There are many UK companies that are not equipped to be able to handle the wiping of potentially hundreds or even thousands of hard-drives, data storage discs and data-bearing devices in a timely manner.

Many businesses may have stockpiled a lot of redundant IT equipment over the years, but don't want to undertake any sort of ethical disposal of their equipment until a system of thorough data destruction has taken place.

Rather than release their old IT assets to a firm of computer equipment liquidators and trust that they will perform a complete wipe of all critical data before refurbishment and resale of the equipment, it can be a better option to make sure that all sensitive and confidential company data is securely destroyed while the computer hardware is still on their business premises.

Physical hard drive destruction options

It can cost a company a lot of time and money to employ someone to come on-site to perform data-wiping of hard-drives. Instead, a more cost-effective and efficient way to completely destroy your data and prevent it from leaving your business premises intact would be to look at hard drive shredding companies, such as Restore Datashred, to perform hard drive and other media destruction.

Restore Datashred is the UK's leading business shredding and destruction service providing on-site industrial-strength shredding of anything from hard drives, tech, USB sticks and more.

The most obvious advantage of using Restore's on-site mobile shredding service is that we can come out to your business premises to perform the physical destruction of your computer hard-drives, as well as any other data-bearing devices, using one of our state-of-the-art mobile shredding vehicles.

Ensuring the total destruction of your data

There are a few different methods of hard-drive destruction that you can choose from, including degaussing, on-site shredding, or hard drive punching/pulverising all of which will leave the hard drive unusable. By far the most effective of all these options would be to use an on-site hard-drive shredding service.

This means that your data-bearing hard-drives and discs will never leave your business premises in any usable form that could be useful for data criminals. So if you are worried about handing over your redundant IT assets to a computer liquidation company where you may not entirely trust them to remove your data before resale, with a process such as on-site hard-drive shredding you will be left confident that all traces of your data will be destroyed right in front of your eyes.

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Reduce, reuse and recycle has been the tag-line for the environmental green movement for many years now, and UK business owners have been pressured by the government to find more environmentally-friendly ways to run their business to help reduce their carbon footprint and CO2 emissions.

With more companies becoming aware that their customers prefer to deal with environmentally conscious businesses, many business owners are looking at ways to improve their 'green image'.

However, business owners are also aware that the security of their customer data will always be their priority. This is why you can have the best of both worlds by employing the services of Restore Datashred because we have the most 'green' and environmentally friendly way of hard-drive and data destruction and the end disposal of your waste product.

How hard-drive shredding is the safest green option

On-site hard-drive shredding combines all of the advantages you are looking for as a company to not only protect your sensitive data but to also help improve your green image and reduce your carbon footprint on the environment. This is because:

·         Hard drive shredding leaves your hard drives unusable

·         Your shredded waste materials will not go to landfill

·         The shredded material will be sorted into commodity-grade materials

·         The raw materials will be recycled into making new products or components

Reuse in the circular economy

Just as a side note here, the Restore group of companies bring a lot of different business aspects under one group umbrella. This means that as well as using our on-site shredding services to securely destroy your company computer hard-drives and other data-bearing devices, other departments within Restore can be used to help other aspects of your business.

Restore offers the opportunity to carry out all of your data disposal, as well as data storage, digitisation and technology asset services, all within the same company 

Cutting out data leaks and ID theft

By using Restore Datashred's on-site hard-drive shredding services you will be eliminating your perfectly legitimate concerns over data security.

This method of hard-drive destruction most certainly eradicates any risk of data leaks, breaches, data fraud and ID theft due to using any less efficient data-wiping options that are currently available to you.

The proper destruction of their stored data is what all companies should be most concerned about. The loss of any customer data, or any other sensitive data used by the company, could result in your company suffering thousands of pounds worth of fines from ICO, not to mention the damage done to your business reputation can be very difficult to recover from.

This is why it makes perfect sense for you to turn to professional hard-drive shredding companies, such as Restore Datashred, to get your hard-drives properly destroyed right in front of your eyes.

Witness the physical destruction of your hard-drives

Because our method of data destruction involved physically shredding your computer hard-drives, it is the most effective way for you to destroy your data. Plus if you use our secure mobile shredding service you will get to witness in person the end destruction of your data hard-drives.

Our company has a number of state-of-the-art mobile shredding vehicles that are fully equipped with industrial-strength shredding machines that we can drive on to your business property.

We would need to be able to park up in a secure ground-level space, such as your goods in/out loading bay or company car park that allows enough room to accommodate our vehicle, plus working access for our collection and shredding operatives.

If you are not sure that you have enough space available, do not hesitate to contact us with details of your available space so that we can tell you if there is enough room for us to deliver our on-site service.

What do we need to do?

Our shredding vehicles can easily process up to 20 hard drives per minute, so if you have stockpiled a large number of hard-drives or other data-bearing devices that you need disposing of, we will make sure that everything will be processed very quickly and conveniently for you.

To prepare for our visit to destroy your hard drives, please make sure that they are removed from your computer equipment and any additional protective casings are also removed.

We also offer an extra option for our fully trained shredding operatives to complete a fully-detailed report that contains the scanned serial number from each hard drive before shredding. This gives you a fully audited list of hard-drives that were destroyed to show your compliance with current government data handling and disposal requirements.

What happens to our shredded waste?

You don't need to worry that you will be left with a stack of shredded metal and plastic once we have finished processing your hard-drives.

Restore Datashred will take away your waste materials for further separating and processing. We will then send on the sorted raw materials to our downstream partners for full recycling into brand new products.

We operate a zero-landfill policy that means absolutely none of your waste materials produced from any of our services will end up in landfill.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your hard-drive shredding needs. We can also securely shred many other business-related items that you don't want to release, such as old company uniforms that bear your logo, staff ID cards, product development samples, branded packaging and more!

We operate both secure on-site shredding where our mobile service will come to your business premises and our secure off-site shredding services where we will collect and take away your confidential business waste to be destroyed at one of our secure destruction depots.