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Why Your Company Needs Restore Datashred Paper Shredding Services
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Why Your Company Needs Restore Datashred Paper Shredding Services

What exactly are paper shredding services? Why should I use Restore Datashred to manage my business document shredding? Why can't we use our regular secure confidential data collection service?

These are just some of the questions that we are often asked by people enquiring about our professional paper shredding services.

For business users, it is of vital importance that they completely destroy old documents and files once they reach the end of their useful life. Using a professional paper shredding service is the only way for you to ensure that your business meets its data protection compliance requirement and be left with a fully audited paper-trail with an authentic certificate of destruction at the end.

What are paper shredding services?


Professional paper shredding services, such as the ones offered by Restore Datashred, is the process of completely destroying your paper documentation and expired archived files. We will take your documents and literally shred them into such small pieces so that there will be zero chance of your confidential data being misused.

Restore Datashred use industry-leading and incredibly strong and efficient shredding machinery to ensure that your paperwork is shredded thoroughly beyond recognition. We then dispose of your confidential data correctly in the most environmentally-friendly way possible.

Using our professional paper shredding services will not only mean that your company will remain compliant with all current GDPR legislative requirements for the safe disposal of sensitive data, but you will also be working to reduce your environmental impact through recycling of your shredded materials.

Why should we bother shredding our old files?

Believe it or not, there are still businesses operating today that don't understand the risks involved with the incorrect disposal of their business confidential data.

Thankfully, the days are mostly gone where during a business relocation the company will simply dump their old archived files on a standard rubbish heap or at their local refuse tip rather than go to the trouble and expense of moving their old filing cabinets to a new location along with the business.

However, there still remains the risk that this will still happen, especially with smaller businesses that have been running for many years and have not kept up with current data protection laws.

What are the issues of not shredding old files?

Should you fail to properly shred or dispose of your old business files and personal records, then you may be leaving yourself wide open to a number of negative issues, such as:


  • You leave your staff and business customers exposed to the threat of identity theft
  • Any confidential, personal, financial or other sensitive information that is not properly destroyed increases the chances of experiencing some kind of fraud
  • Should you fail to comply with the data protection act rules and regulations you will be left exposed to legal action being taken against you
  • All businesses that handle personal data and financial data need professional paper shredding services

Data Protection Compliance


You would automatically expect that well-established institutions such as banks, hospitals and medical organisations will have comprehensive paper shredding services already in place.

However, no matter what sector you work in or how small or large your business operation is, you still need to remain compliant with the Data Protection Act and have an industry compliant secure confidential data destruction policy, practice and procedure in place.

It is the responsibility of the business owner to keep all of their company data safe and protected from data breaches. Any company that keeps customer records, client details or any personal information of any nature whatsoever is obliged by law to protect the individual's privacy and sensitive data.

In the eyes of the law, it is no longer acceptable to simply throw out redundant files and old information that is of no further use to the business. You will be in breach of Data Protection Laws if you pack up your old files into bin bags and put them out for your local bin collection.

Five reasons why your business needs Restore Datashred services

Although we have seen a huge shift from storing paper-based data to storing data electronically in recent years, there are still many existing businesses across the UK that are still generating and storing paper-based files.

If you are one of those businesses that still rely on producing paper documents, then you will still have a duty of care to make sure that you properly dispose of those documents once they are no longer needed.

Hard copies of customer lists, staff rotas, payroll records, phone and contact email lists, and credit card information are all things that need to be shredded when you don't need them any longer and you are ready to dispose of them.

Here are five top reasons why you need to ensure the safe destruction of your paper-based data to help protect yourself and your company:

1: Customer protection

You have to be seen to be doing everything in your power to protect the identity of your business customers. Any sensitive customer information needs to be safely disposed of, not simply written down on a desk note pad while taking a customer call and then screwed up and thrown into your office waste bin.

It is important to shred sensitive customer information that you write down as soon as possible after you have used that information to process their order. The same goes for any printed documents or address labels that you print out – anything that has customer information written or printed on it needs to be shredded after use.

2: Stop identity theft from happening

Millions of people over the age of 18 fall victim to identity theft at least once in their life. Sometimes this can be caused by the carelessness of the individual, but mostly ID theft happens when a business or organisation holding personal information suffers a data breach.

While this data is still in use by your company, it is important that you store them as safely as possible in a secure location where unauthorised staff members or visitors cannot gain access.

3: Protect your staff and business associates

As a business owner, you need to protect the identity of not only your customers but also your employees too! It is essential that you shred old documentation when it is no longer needed, such as when a staff member leaves your employ and you no longer need to keep their personal and financial data on record.

Your employees have a legal right to privacy and you need to honour that. There will be an expectation from your staff that what information you keep on them will continue to be kept private and their personal and financial information secure.

Should you regularly dispose of unwanted information or where paperwork has been completed with mistakes that have since been amended, such as old pay slips, time cards, photo ID etc. you cannot dispose of these in your office waste bin along with coffee pods, apple cores and banana skins. Shredding these documents is a better alternative to just throwing them away.

4: Shredding files is space saving

So many business owners complain that they don't have enough room to operate efficiently. As they grow and expand they need to employ extra staff or buy in new equipment or machinery.

The obvious solution is to move to larger premises, but if you stop and think about it – do you really need to keep all of those old filing cabinets and paperwork that is piling up in your storeroom or office?

Could you make better use of the available floor space if you got rid of you old archived files that have been building up over the years?

It may be far more cost-effective to look at digitising your old files that are still useful then getting rid of your bulky paperwork and expired files through secure paper shredding services.

You could free up some extra space in your office or workplace for more useful activities, such as an extra office desk for a new employee or space for new machinery.

5: Data Protection Law compliance

As a business owner, you need to meet your compliance duties towards all current Data Protection Laws. This means that you need to be aware of data protection changes, such as the recent GDPR updates and how these changes affect the way you now store, use and dispose of the data your company keeps.

There can be severe financial penalties placed on businesses that fail to comply with data protection regulations. You not only need to ensure that you protect all the data you hold on your staff and customers, but you need to have clear company policies and procedures in place so that you or your staff cannot be found to be mishandling customer information.

Make sure that your staff have brushed up on the latest GDPR changes and understand their own responsibilities in the workplace over the handling of sensitive personal information.

What documentation should we be shredding?


Depending on the type of business you run and the sector you are operating within, there will be certain documents that you should be shredding on a regular basis. These may include the following types of information:


·         Copies of expired sales receipts

·         Copies of old company Tax returns

·         Credit card information

·         Documents containing sensitive personal information such as name, address, phone number or email

·         Employee pay slip copies

·         Employment records from ex-staff

·         Old company bank and financial statements

·         Old company invoices

·         Staff Photo IDs

·         Voided cheques and cheque stubs

Restore Datashred paper shredding services

Luckily, there is a way to remain compliant with current data protection laws in a very cost-effective way through using Restore Datashred paper shredding services for the safe and effective disposal of your confidential company paper waste.

Hiring our professional services is the only way to make sure that you protect your sensitive business data without risking any data breaches, business fraud or ID theft.

You can choose from our two secure paper shredding services: On-site secure paper shredding services or off-site secure paper shredding services.

On-site paper shredding services from Restore Datashred

Our on-site paper shredding services are an ideal solution if you want to ensure complete compliance with current data protection laws.

You can be fully confident that your sensitive data is completely destroyed beyond all recognition because you will be able to witness the process with your own eyes.

We will bring our state-of-the-art mobile shredding vehicle to your business premises and our team of fully vetted secure collection operatives will safely dispose of your confidential data on the spot. Your shredded documentation will leave your premises in a completely unusable state so you will be rest assured that you have met with your data protection compliance to the letter.

You will be issued with an official certificate of destruction within 24 hours to confirm your compliance for auditing purposes.

Off-site paper shredding services from Restore Datashred

If you don't have the available space to accommodate one of our mobile shredding vehicles at your workplace, then the next best solution to meeting with your data protection compliance is to use our off-site secure paper shredding services.

Restore Datashred will collect your confidential data from your offices via our team of uniformed secure collection operatives. We will transport your sealed data in our GPS tracked security vehicle directly to one of our secure shredding facilities for immediate disposal.

Your data is never left unattended or exposed. Your paperwork goes directly from the back of our vehicle directly into the jaws of our industrial scale shredding machines.

You will be issued with a certificate of destruction for your records and your confidential data shredded, baled and sent for recycling to be reused to make new paper-based products.

If you are unsure which of our secure paper shredding services is most suitable for your business, then do not hesitate to contact our friendly team to discuss your needs.