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Working from home: the workspace challenge
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Working from home: the workspace challenge

What is the challenge?

Equipment you might need:
- desk or table
- ergonomically correct chair
- PC – either desktop or laptop – preferably supplied by your employer and with compatible operating system, software and apps installed

- back-up system – either online or external hard drive or through company portal
- filing boxes
- shelves
- lockable under-desk filing cabinet
- ‘to do’ tray
- Datashred@Home confidential waste box
- noticeboard for ideas, moods, important contacts, etc.

Why is the workspace important?

A high-functioning workspace gives the respect that is due to your work, your colleagues, customers and company. If you are going to continue your WFH journey, it’s worth taking time to get things right so your performance is optimal, your work/life balance achieved.

Creating an effective home working space

Giving yourself space, if you can you need to be able to feel like you’re ‘going to work’, even if you’re fortunate enough to be stepping into another room. Your focus and productivity will thank you for it.

Everything has a place and is in its place – organise your digital desktop so it operates smoothly and logically and make sure you have the correct back-up system working, whether through your company portal, online or on an automated external hard drive. Set up your virtual desktop so that there’s as little clutter and paper on it as possible – if your business is not wedded to paper, now’s the time to look at digitising as many processes as possible. Have an in-tray, an out-tray and a confidential waste box supplied by Datashred@Home to control document flow securely and compliantly.

Company processes and policies include you – this means making sure post and physical documents such as legal and financial deeds, or engineering drawings, reach you safely and securely – and that you have the correct way to keep them safe in your home workspace. It also means, for instance, ensuring that any flexible working hours are documented and communicated with your colleagues.

File sharing – there should be established protocols for file sharing so that data is protected and kept confidential, eg, copying files to your desktop and placing original into a ‘Taken’ folder, for instance then replacing with your initialled, latest version into the correct return folder.

Health and safety – your employer is responsible for your safety, even when you’re working from home. You should be offered a risk assessment – even if distance means it’s completed online – on points ranging from how you sit at your desk, to policies, protocols, and stress management. Find out the details at

Getting Restore Datashred Home Shred service to help – if you work in an industry that still loves paper, you will generate confidential waste that should not go in your home paper-recycling bin or find its way into the kids’ scrap paper box.

Restore Datashred@Home is a new, four-step service. It’s simple and cost effective, and is completely supported by the security, accreditations, commitment to sustainability and recognised customer service you would expect from Datashred. Here’s how it works…

Step 1 – Order your desk-friendly shredding box online
Step 2 – Keep the box in a discreet place in your workspace while you fill
Step 3 – Seal the full box and drop off (it tucks handily under your arm), pre-paid, at your local Post Office
Step 4 – We will sort out the rest, sending you a Certificate of Destruction within 48 hours of your Restore Datashred Home Shred box’s arrival with us.

Ready to get started with Restore Datashred Home Shred service? Find out more about ensuring your confidential business information’s security by calling one of our friendly, knowledgeable customer services team on 0800 376 4422.