Our ESG journey

How we are going Net Zero

As one of the businesses in the Restore Group, we are fully committed to our common goal of delivering a secure and sustainable future for everyone. Join us on our journey to leave a lighter footprint.


We call our goal Restoring our World and it rests on three pillars: our planet, our people, and our business, and we believe we will achieve them by working towards Net Zero by 2035, fulfilling our duty of care to our local communities, and acting responsibly in all ways. Put succinctly, our input and our output need to be as sustainable as possible.

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We aim to send 0%
to landfill

This means we send all shredded paper recycling to local mills in this country to be made into recycled paper products; we send shredded textiles to be converted into energy, and we process as much of your confidential digital assets as possible so that they are reduced and re-used, not buried in the ground.

We will achieve Net Zero by 2035

Behind the scenes at Restore Datashred we have been putting carbon-cutting plans into action for several years. We run a large, modern fleet of vehicles and trucks with plans to upgrade and trial the latest innovative technologies available in the market, including battery-run electric fleet.

Giving back to those
in need

Each year we try to improve the lives of disadvantaged children and young people in our communities who are affected by poverty, illness, neglect or have additional needs. Restore Datashred is a proud partner of Cash for Kids and has supported this great cause for many years.

Giving back to those in need

As a company, we are proud to lend our time and effort to our local charity, Cash for Kids, which raises much-needed funds for the many children and their families who live below the poverty line in the Greater Manchester area. We’ve supported events over the years, including Hits Radio’s Mission Christmas Cash for Kids appeal, where our colleagues have helped organise and distribute the presents bought with the cash raised – in 2023 it was £1.1million worth of gifts given out to 35,482 children. What a difference all the donors and volunteers made to these young lives – a sprinkle of Christmas stardust and a portion of hope.

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We recycle 100% of all paper



We are a major recycling business, contributing 52,000 tonnes of shredded paper to the recycled paper industry each year.


In 2020, were recognised as the Paper Recycling Business of the Year in the Excellence in Recycling and Waste Management awards.

Why is our guarantee important?


Rosette with a tick in a blue circle


By providing the base material – paper shreds – for making recycled paper, it means that fewer trees need to be felled for their wood pulp, and less water and energy are required in the recycling process than in the manufacture of virgin paper.


Re-using, recycling, or re-purposing other shredded materials, such as textiles and plastics, means they are not being thrown into landfill where they take an astonishingly long time to degrade, especially when they can all have a useful second, third or more, life.

Working with PlanetMark™



To reduce our business’ emissions, we’re working in partnership with PlanetMark™ and have committed to lowering them by 5% year on year.


We’re making reductions by using solar panels to generate our own energy, boosted by 100% renewably generated energy from a trusted supplier.

And in our warehouses…


Van dropping off parcels at a warehouse in a blue circle


Electric forklifts are already making a difference to noise and emissions levels and the general working atmosphere for our colleagues.


In terms of increasing carbon capture around the planet, and to offset our fleet emissions, we partner with Shell to invest in nature-based projects that protect, enhance, and restore natural ecosystems, such as reforestation, that absorb and store carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. In this way, we also bring benefits to local communities by funding improved education.

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