Our people and our culture

We’re more than just a shredding company, we’re a team dedicated to secure data destruction and environmental responsibility. But our success hinges on our greatest asset: our people.

Just as we strive to excel in how we meet your needs, so do we focus on our people with a robust programme of continuous training, development and apprenticeships. From the operational floor to customer services, to our fleet operatives and the senior leadership team, we all work to a set of strong shared values.

Training and development

Aside from mandatory security checks, our teams undergo all the statutory training surrounding safe, sustainable driving, the correct use of machinery and warehouse management that you would expect from a professional data shredding business. We invest in our colleagues to make sure we maintain the integrity of our business and ‘grow our own’, which is why we are keen to promote working towards professional accreditations or new skill sets. Advanced driving courses, digital marketing apprenticeships, warehouse safety and accounting qualifications are just a few of what our current colleagues are on track to achieve.

Evolving our culture

We understand a thriving company culture is essential for continued success. We foster a culture of continuous improvement, where employee feedback is valued and innovative solutions are encouraged. We believe in empowering our team by providing ongoing training and development opportunities, fostering a collaborative environment, and celebrating individual and team achievements. This commitment to a positive and evolving culture ensures we can consistently deliver exceptional service, prioritise security, and embrace sustainable practices.

Diversity and inclusion

Restore Datashred, along with the rest of the Restore Group, prioritises a secure, sustainable, and inclusive work environment. We empower our employees to become data security champions and sustainability stewards through ongoing training and a collaborative atmosphere. As an equal opportunities employer, we embrace a diverse workforce across the UK. We foster a culture where everyone feels secure to be themselves and supported in achieving their personal and professional goals. Join us and be a part of the future of secure, sustainable, and inclusive data destruction!

Building a culture of recognition

We recognise and reward exceptional performance. We foster a culture of appreciation where peers can nominate and celebrate colleagues who consistently deliver outstanding customer service. We use a dedicated reward platform to acknowledge those who go the extra mile, creating a positive and motivating work environment. This recognition not only celebrates individual achievements but also inspires others to strive for excellence.

Would you like to join us?

Being good people is one of our Group company values. It means that not only are we decent and fair, dealing kindly with everyone we work with, but we are also concerned about being good neighbours and citizens in the areas where our destruction centres and offices are located.

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