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On Site Shredding From Restore

Restore provide clients with a range of document management options to help you organise and securely manage your company files and documentation. One of the options we provide is the opportunity to shred the documents that you no longer need. Customers use our on site shredding or off site shredding services when they either no longer have a use for the documents or they have digitised the document and no longer need the hard copy.

Our On Site Shredding and Off site Shredding Options

Our paper shredding services are flexible, in that you can choose from having your documents taking to our secure destruction facility where they will be securely shredded and destroyed, or you can choose to shred them on your company’s premises.

Why Choose On Site Shredding?

A lot of our customers choose on site shredding because they like the peace of mind of having it completed on their premises and knowing that they do not have to worry about it after our team leave to take the shredded information to one of our secure destruction facilities.

How Does On Site Shredding Work?

  • Customers need to contact Restore and arrange when they want their documents shredded.

  • Our mobile shredding vehicle will come to your business' premises
  • We will shred everything you require shredding, then and there on site.
  • After we have completed the shredding process, we will issue you a certificate of destruction.
  • When your shredded documents are recycled, we will send you a certificate of recycling along with your invoice.

Our process of on site shredding is simple and secure. If you are interested in arranging an on site shredding appointment or would like to find out about our ad-hoc or off site shredding options, contact Restore on: 0333 220 5213.