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School’s out for summer! - Restore shredding services
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School’s out for summer! - Restore shredding services

It’s not just school that’s (nearly) out for summer. Think how many people are away at this time of year and what you could do to make everybody’s lives easier! Yes, we’re talking about the renowned ‘summer clear-out’. May we recommend a little shredding?

With the final exam paper delivered, the year’s paintings and poems stripped down from the walls and end-of-year parties’ streamers filed in the bin (recycling, of course), students UK-wide can heave a huge sigh of relief when summer finally arrives. But behind the scenes the education sector is still hard at work. 

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The summer holidays are traditionally the time for a massive clear out by admin teams, to make space for the new academic year in September and to stay on top of retention and disposal regulations. So, whether you’re a local primary school, a college, university or a GCSE examining board, what can you consider disposing of responsibly and confidentially?

· old exercise books, pupil and student records, HR records
· DVDs, CDs, USB sticks, obsolete hard disk drives
· uniforms – could be the perfect time to get rid of that unsightly ‘lost property’ pile!

And it’s not just the education sector that benefits from having a huge clear out.

Many industries tend to be quieter over the summer months and it makes sense to get your house in order before the end-of-the-year schedules and budgets kick in once ‘normality’ resumes come September.

Why not ensure that all your teams’ and colleagues’ documents are securely managed – either by moving assets into physical or virtual off-site storage or moving them on into the embrace of an industrial shredding machine? That way, you can create much-needed office space, while protecting your business and your customers from online leaks or security issues and keep the recycling industry busy!

Restore Datashred can supply confidential disposal and peace of mind to any size of organisation. If you’ve just a few sackfuls of paper to recycle, our state-of-the-art on-site disposal vehicles and knowledgeable operatives can be on hand to shred it, on your premises. For more industrial-scale disposal requirements, we can schedule collections to suit you, and guarantee a secure audit trail from your office to our depot and on to the blades of the shredder – with all processes swiftly followed up by a certificate of destruction. Add an easy-to-use online portal, dedicated account manager and a ServiceMark level of customer service to the mix and you’ll see how we score top marks in secure document disposal.

Why not give us a call to find out how we can help you reclaim space, keep up-to-date with compliance and delight your colleagues with our onsite or offsite shredding services? Restore Datashred 0800 376 4422