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FISco Ltd Case Study

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The Challenge

We’re not looking to re-invent the wheel, nor for bells and whistles add-ons that might take away from our core need for great service. What we want are consolidated, efficient services and good management information for ourselves and for our clients. We didn’t have one challenge for Restore, but many.

Our experience with a number of well-known

informationmanagement companies had provided anything but great service. Points of frustration for us were things like terms being excessively one-way, heavily weighted towards supplier profit and unfavourable storage services for us and for our clients. Trying to get to senior management if we wanted to escalate an issue was nigh-on impossible, as was being given transparent management information. Neither of these points is conducive to a relationship built on trust or value for money, in our view.

As for innovation or problem solving, we were disappointed to find that whole boxes were being expensively returned for the sake of one document instead of that document being scanned on demand. In fact, implementing best practice for end-of-life procedures was also sadly lacking. Destruction dates were severely mismanaged and, once again, causing needless expense for our clients.

We experienced a number of light bulb moments that caused us to move on from our big-name, one-size-fits-all providers. Yearonyear costs just kept on increasing; efficiency was unheard of, with sometimes five van journeys made to one depot from one client in one week; and, to cap it all, we have an invoicing saga with one supplier that has gone on for three years, where they seem simply unable to provide accurate information so that we can pay them. We’ve tried everything we can think of to solve this problem, but they’ve all culminated in huge frustration. And a largely unpaid bill.

Could Restore take on our challenges, and win?

The Restore Experience

Moving the vast majority of our clients’ archive boxes to Restore has been a breath of fresh air. There’s no comparison. From a logistical point of view, Restore staff have carried out a number of vital tasks, including:

  • Efficient collection of all the boxes that needed moving to their dedicated, local storage facilities – no multiple journeys.
  • Providing accurate management information, then drafting a destruction policy and swiftly implementing it. This meant cataloguing and indexing the sorry state of some of the archives, and flagging up those documents past their destruction date and moving them on to be shredded and recycled.
  • Training on the desktop tracking and ordering software, which was performed by pleasant, well-informed people.

Since the initial phase at the end of 2012, where feedback was always good, for us no news is definitely good news. There are no complaints from any of FISco’s staff, nor from our clients – Restore are just getting on with the job efficiently and professionally.

From my point of view, it’s easy to pick up the phone and speak to senior management. I find Restore’s ethos and focus to be proactive and driven. When they say they provide national coverage, they really do; when they say they’ll deliver at a certain time, they make sure they do. And the management information is first rate, nothing is hidden and it comes accompanied by tailored suggestions for cost-savings and efficiencies. All of which is great for our clients whose assets are safe and correctly handled, and is great for us at FISco as it enhances our reputation.

The Results

Our clients have been clear winners during the period we’ve been using Restore. In year one our costs were reduced by 15%. For the first year, when we had to make allowances for the expense of retrieval from other storage depots, we think that’s remarkable.

On a personal note, I am enjoying engaging with like-minded people who are prepared to think outside the box and who want to build a strong relationship with FISco. They’re not just taking the money and running, unlike some of their big-name competitors.

5 reasons to choose Restore

Flexibility – with Restore as your outsourcing partner you can be sure we will listen to what you want, then deliver it.

Nationwide – we offer a truly national service with a range of document handling choices – and we’re still growing.

Complete information lifecycle – from Cloud data back-up where information is available at the touch of a button, to near storage document management where information is accessible within hours, to deep, specialised storage of archive papers, we make sure you have what you want, when you want it and where you want. And, at the end of your information’s life, we dispose of it efficiently, responsibly, securely.

Control – by handing responsibility for security, logistics and compliance to Restore you are effectively taking back control over your information. You can rely on us to work in partnership with you, caring for your information in dedicated, approved facilities right across the UK.

Feel the benefits – we give excellent value for money, timely communications that are tailored to your needs, professional and experienced staff at every level – no wonder our customers will tell you that moving to Restore is ‘the best decision you’ll ever make’!

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FISco Ltd


A facilities and infrastructure services company, FISco manages all manner of information on behalf of a broad range of blue-chip clients. As such, they look for like-minded businesses with an entrepreneurial spirit with which to partner to help them deliver on their promises. Satbir Dhillon, FISco’s cofounder and Finance Director, voices some of the frustrations of managing client archives before 2012, when they made the move to Restore.

Client Feedback

"I find Restore’s ethos and focus to be proactive and driven. When they say they provide national coverage, they really do; when they say they’ll deliver at a certain time, they make sure they do.”

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Personally, I like their entrepreneurial approach. They are flexible and listen to what you want, building the service around your needs, building a good working relationship I admire and can trust.

Satbir Dhillon FISco’s co-founder and Finance Director