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Smarter medical records storage for better private healthcare

From cancer care to dentistry, care homes to consultants, more people are turning to private healthcare than ever. But if your records management processes aren’t at their best, you could be looking at lost time, money, and space under a growing mountain of records.

Make sure you’re saving time, money, and space, not wasting it. Speak to the experts in records management for the private healthcare sector.

That’s us, by the way

Warning: may contain process efficiencies

Your boss won’t quite believe it when you promise them how much better you can make things by working with us. But, with over 30 years of records management experience, we’ve got the clever clogs know-how to help you unlock time and money savings like:

– Improved cataloguing to make it easier to find the records you’re looking for
– Standardised, repeatable processes the scale with your organisation
– Retention policies that better identify which files you don’t need
– Smart digital transformation that only focuses on the records worth digitising
– Clearer evidence that you’re complying with privacy regulations

So the good news is you can impress your boss with all the process efficiencies you’ve unlocked. The bad news is you can’t hide in the archive room for 20 minutes and claim it took ages to find a patient record. Sorry about that.

National presence, personal service

We’re the largest UK-owned records management company, offering records management to private healthcare providers from John O’Groats to Land’s End. But that doesn’t mean you get faceless and nameless call centre operatives when you get in touch with us.

Instead, you’ll speak to your dedicated account manager. They’ll put together the bespoke records management service you need and tackle any challenges you face.

And if that means we have to create new processes or facilities, so be it! Our team is made up of Relentlessly Resourceful problem solvers; there’s nothing they won’t do to overcome your challenges.

Your account manager is supported by our local care teams working out of your area. They know what’s happening on the ground (and in the air), so they’ll make sure your service is working for you and the community around you.

Out of site, out of bind

You might think that off-site storage would make it harder to access your records. While that isn’t the case for you, we make sure it’s true for anyone trying to get a sneaky peek who shouldn’t.

Our ultra-secure, environmentally-controlled storage facilities are protected by 24/7 monitoring. Vehicle access controls. Lock and keypad entry systems. CCTV, RFID, and LOL to anyone trying to get a sneaky peek at your patient records.

That’s not to mention the oodles of accreditations we’ve achieved to ensure your off-site storage exceeds the most rigorous of regulatory requirements.

So no scoundrels are getting their grubby mitts on your files. But what about your lovely clean ones? How easy is it for you to access your patient records?


There’s that record

How much time is wasted digging through patient files trying to find the right one? And when it isn’t where it’s meant to be? Impossible to find without a team of medically-minded sniffer dogs.

Give the bloodhounds a break and use our 24/7 online portal to find your file.

Our indexing and cataloguing means you can find the exact file you need. From patient IDs to names, dates of birth to treatment categories, your files will be tagged with all the information you need to find them at the touch of a button. Our barcode tracking systems will tell you where the file is, wherever it is.

And with your local facility less than two hours away, we’ll deliver any file the same day you order it. That’s something even Prime retailers can’t boast!

Looks like the pooches are out of a job.

Standardised archiving, premium care

If everyone records patient data in different ways, your growing wealth of patient data will end up as fragmented records, scattered across multiple siloes in your organisation.

So when Steve creates custom spreadsheets or Paula devises a Post-It system, their hearts are in the right place. But your patients deserve a more robust system to record their data.

We’ll help you bring the fragments together with standardised records management, delivering training sessions and workshops so everyone in your team records patient data in the same way.

Sack the spreadsheets. Purge the Post-Its. Let Steve and Paula crack on with their actual jobs.

They, alongside the rest of your team, will enjoy better communications, a better understanding of patient needs, and deliver better care to your patients.

Let’s get digital

Digitalising patient files can save time, money, and space. But digitising every one of your records isn’t always worth the cost.

That’s why we prefer paperlite rather than paperless.

Our Scan on Demand service can help identify which files are worth digitising to save you time and money. We provide same-day scanning for any file in your inventory, giving you a file you can instantly and securely access from anywhere.

And your digital file benefits from the same comprehensive cataloguing as your paper records. Even better, our Optical Character Recognition technology means you can search for any word, term, or phrase within the file. With patient records becoming denser and detail-rich, this makes it so much easier to find what you’re looking for!

And once your record has been scanned? We’ll either tuck it back into storage or securely destroy it. Which leads us to…

The paracetamol of records retention

Thousands of patient records, each needing to be retained for different lengths of time depending on the information they contain. You don’t want to waste time, space, or money storing them longer than you need to. But keeping track of which can be destroyed is a headache.

We’ll get rid of that headache by tracking it for you. Thanks to our comprehensive cataloguing, we’ll know when you no longer need to retain a record and automatically let you know.

And we can securely destroy it too, to European Shredding Standard BSEN15713, no less. Which means you’ll get a lovely certificate of destruction that looks just lovely on an office wall. Or your audit trail, if you prefer.

So you can keep to your legal obligations while saving money on storing files you no longer need. Now the only headache is figuring out what to do with the money you just saved. Tough life, huh?

Hear it from someone who knows

In 2019, one of the UK’s biggest private healthcare providers needed a national records management partner with a personal service. So they came to us.

With 779,400 files needing secure storage, it needed us to keep its patient data safe and secure while supporting them with standardised processes it could repeat and scale across its 160+ sites across the UK.

With our UK-wide network of facilities, it was easy for us to collect all their files and place them into secure storage. We also catalogued every file in line with our client’s data needs, meaning anyone from any branch of the organisation can access the information they need. Whether the patient is visiting a gym, clinic, or hospital, their data is easy to find and easier to retrieve.

Find out more about how we’ve transformed records management for a national private healthcare provider.

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